Thursday Thunks: A Haunted Earth and The Dungeon

Heterochromia, A Haunted Earth and The Dungeon

Welcome to the July 16th version of Thursday Thunks!
(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)
Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!
This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by
Kimber, the number 15 and the color of windows.

1. Do you know anyone with heterochromia? Does it freak you out or do you think it's interesting?

     Just a cat named bluegreen, because of the eyes.  I find it interesting and wonder if the view changes from one eye to the other.
2. Should a 5th face be added to Mount Rushmore? If so, who?
     I'm not that much into American history, but if you were to add one more, I'd love Obama's face on it. He made history anyway.
3. If you could live on any planet other than earth, which one would you choose and why?
      Maybe Mars, nearer to Earth, longer days! Plus, it's more explored than anything else.
4. We're going to spend the night at a reportedly haunted location, are you going with us?
       Definitely, I'm part of the Supernatural team! I'll go, make sure Dean and Sam of Supernatural is there, with them, I can take anything that gets thrown my way.
If so, which reportedly haunted place are we going?
        The spookiest...I hope, as long as 'Dean and Sam' are with me of course!
5. Did you play The Queen's Meme this week? If so, was it fair of The Queen to put Berleen in the dungeon by association with Kimber? (We all know Kimber deserved it, but Berleen?!)
         I'm playing this safe. What the Queen says, goes.
6. What color is the towel(s) hanging in your bathroom?
         Striped brown and white - mine, Green - hubby, Pink - daughter, Blue - little man
7. Tell us something funny that happened to you recently.
Froot LoopsImage via Wikipedia
          My kids took turns stuffing my mouth with Fruit Loops more than my mouth can take and as much as their little hands can grasp. They just kept stuffing it and stuffing it, In the end, I looked like a stuffed pig!
8. We just bought you a cow. Do you kill it & grill it, feed it & milk it, or sell it?
Feed it first, then Milk it, then sell the Milk - instant source of income!
9. It's 115 degrees outside (46 degrees Celsius), are you able to go without Air Conditioning?
That would be the normal temperature in Tuguegarao in the summer, probably. I can survive with just desk fans and cool water.
10. When you visit the zoo do you wonder which animal tastes better with a bit of butter & spices?
No. That doesn't cross my mind. What an interesting thought though.
11. Dog ate your homework/work papers. Does it crap out Shakespeare, quantum physics, or just crap? Most likely to crap out paper crafts I'm trying out.
12. We are taking you to a broadway show, what are we going to see?
       Phantom of the Opera - my mom saw it when she went to New York, so now I'm extremely curious.
13. Gunshots in your neighborhood. Pop, pop, pop. Do you go out to take a look, or hide?
      Run to get hubby and get ready with a gun? Honestly? Hide. Just hide. I'd be scared out of my wits.

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4 thoughts:

Vanniedosa said...

you are part of a supernatural team? boy, ur brave! i know i can never be part of any team looking for ghosts. heehee
anyway, mine's up too. check it out.

fickleinpink said...

you part of, like, the spirit questers or ghosthunters? wow, that's so exciting! ;)

Thunking today, too! here ;) Have a great week!

I am Harriet said...

Obama...never thought of that one but, who knows?

silverhartgirl said...

I love your number 7 you sound like such a good mom.

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