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Georyl is celebrating and her celebration is BIG. She is going to host a daily giveaway!

Wow! I wish I could do that!
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Draw dates: October 1 – 2, 4 – 9, 11 – 16, 18 – 23, 25 – 30
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October Themes for LTINS



Hope you like the themes. By next month, I hope to get more ideas from you guys. Thanks.

P l e d g e s R e c e i v e d:


Ms. Bambie
Ms. Yami

LTINS: Write a Letter for a Mom

Dear Moms,

                  Yeah you. I know most of you guys are the ones who visit my blog, even if this is not the total mommy blog that it was, or I haven't kept up with what I'm supposed to be writing about. Oh, why waste so many lines.... here's the deal: THANK YOU for reading my entries, making comments, subscribing, listening to my rants and ramblings. As a treat to all of you and everyone else who reads this, I would like to invite all of you to join, THE TEN ON OCT. 10 BLOG GIVEAWAY of Written by Mys. Rules and Requirements are to follow. So, please keep visiting. Also, reminding all the sponsors to please send your sponsorship pledges. I will accept pledges until October 5 only. Thank you, to consolidate the prizes and everything else.

Paypal email address is mjclaguitao at yahoo dot com 

I also have a surprise for all parents out there, I'm finalizing a deal for something special that will run at the same time with The Ten on OCT.10  Blog Giveaway.

That's all for now. Got letters for Moms? Leave the links below. Just click on the add my link at the linky tools. 

What About Getting an Online Degree?

In life, there are all kinds of choices to make. You can just move through life, letting it control you, or you can take control and do things the way you want to. Choosing the latter means that you'll have a life that's more to your liking, if you don't give up on the kinds of things you really want. For a lot of people, making their life what they want it to be involves getting an education. Even if they already have a degree, they often go back to school so that they can learn new things, change careers, or advance in the one they already have.

Because of the struggling economy, more people are going back to school right now. There's a catch, though. They don't have a lot of money, they can't afford to drive to classes every day, and some of them are working and/or taking care of kids, so they don't have the ability to change their schedules just to go to school. They might think they're stuck, but they aren't. They can get an online degree from an accredited, reputable school, and they'll never have to set foot in a classroom.

More and more schools are offering degrees this way now, because it's convenient for the schools and convenient for the students. It costs less, too, because there aren't as many commuting expenses and other things that have to be paid for. That can be a lifesaver for a person who doesn't have a lot and who knows that getting an education is the way to get ahead and have more money in the future. If you want to be able to take care of yourself and your family more easily, an online education might be just the thing for you. It's worth checking out.

Talking about Friends

Hubby and I are recently talking about our college friends and their respective courses. Particularly those in the medical field. We were imagining that most of them would be the ones we'll be seeing in television soon being interviewed about medical cases or medical breakthroughs. You know, the ones talking about dengue, immunizations and other new discoveries.

We have at least 3 friends that are doctors now, practicing at different hospitals. I wonder if the hospitals they work with provide them with their own scrub sets. Unless maybe they don't want to use generic ones or they want ones that are comfortable like personalized cotton scrub sets.

I don't think I'll ever be able to be used to the idea of meeting them in a hospital and they'll be wearing white lab coats. I wouldn't know whether I'll fear them or hug them.

Or maybe, I should just share with them where to buy medical scrubs, the online shop I found with designs that looks so adorable and would fit well to their chosen specialization, pediatrics. I'm guessing they'd love to grab themselves some of those to entice more patients to trust in them and of course, to display their own flair for fashion.

Updated Sept.28: Sponsorship Pledges! Thank you Sponsors!

*A P O L O G I E S     E V E R Y O N E*

I am rechecking my email because the form is sent to my gmail account. I missed out on some of the sponsorship pledges because I thought it was only 1 email. Currently rechecking. If you sent an email or comment as a sponsor, please be advised that no offer will be rejected whether it may be ad space or a text link ad. Thank you very much. Again, I am so sorry for the inconvenience it has brought you. I apologize if you may feel that I have snubbed any offer. So sorry.

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Now, I have to review how the masters held their contest... 

Sponsorship pledges will be entertained until the end of the month so I can cook up the contest rules and prizes.

Thank you very much

Finally my Luck is Changing!

Yay! I won in a contest for best blog review, and in exchange I get a dot com domain!
Did you join Sam & San's Birthday Bash? I did. Posted are winners of the top ec droppers and best reviews.

I'm just so happy. So even if I really have nothing important to say, here I am, blogging.

Just to update you guys on what's happening...

I am currently designing (hopefully) the contest banner for the upcoming contest.

Doing decisions to the length of time devoted to the contest.

Thinking of guidelines.

Thinking of ways to make submission entries easier for you and for me.

Plus, doing a little research on how to do it right. Plus, how to combine the worth of all of the prizes.

Stay tuned, and keep visiting.

Running to Weight Loss

Running has been proven to be a good way to lose weight. Even if you do not have a lot of weight to lose or you have not exercised in a long time, running can be beneficial to your overall health. Many people begin their exercise program by walking, and then work their way up to a running program. There are a few things you should do before starting a running routine, but they will help you reach your weight loss goals.

Before beginning any weight loss program, it is important to talk to your physician. A routine check-up lets you know what your body can handle and if there are any health factors that you should take into account. The second step to preparing for a running program is to buy a good pair of running shoes. Your running shoes can help you feel comfortable and offer stability while you're on the pavement or treadmill. If you don't have good shoes, they can hurt your efforts by making your feet uncomfortable and possibly causing injuries.

Once you have checked with your doctor and bought a good pair of running shoes, you're ready to lose weight. Running is considered to be the most effective form of exercise because it increases your heart rate and offers an intense workout for your muscles. To lose weight, your heart rate must be high for an extended period of time to burn the most calories. Once you have worked your way up to a full running routine, you should run five times a week for at least one hour to maximize your weight loss potential.

The time it will take you to lose weight will be different from the next person and depends on your determination and diet. If you do not eat healthy, then it will take more time to lose weight.

Furniture Retail Software something SM would have

SM or ShoeMart is coming to the next city, if not in ours. That is both good and bad news for local retailers. There are of course equal numbers of pros and cons for its existence if not in our city, but in the next. 

I think it would be amazing to have one in the city since it is one of the biggest shopping mall franchises in the country. It would also provide a wider selection of stalls and services for our mall-deprived city. We don't have a mall here, we only have groceries. 

It would be amazing to see the large SM Our Home or their furniture section. I am pretty sure they use a state of the art furniture retail software in their POS system. It is indeed very exciting news. The wide array of products has already made me imagine a lot of things. I hope they have a toy store for my kids. But then, I'd have to start saving money like crazy for me to be able to afford going to the mall.

Would you be excited about furniture? A grocery? Clothing stores? Appliances? or Toys? What would excite you about a mall in your city? Any particular stall?

Christmas gift for Hubby???

Funny, how this early I am so worried and I haven't even finished thinking up a plan for my future contest. Well, personally I am just glad that I have these amazing sponsors to thank. This year is definitely better than last year.

I am thinking of giving my husband shoes. He just loves wearing rubber shoes, and he is planning to take on basketball to get his body back in shape. Maybe an Air Jordan will make him smile. I should get two Air Jordans, one for hubby and one for Paul.

Will a matching pair of these look good on my boys? Hmm, perhaps. I really like them wearing the same stuff.  I would love to get my hands on great shoes and find one in hubby's size and another one in Paul's size. We haven't gone shopping in a long while. Where could I get Jordan Shoes? Since, basketball is the sport that hubby would love to excel in and I think he wants to teach our little man basketball as well. As early as now, Paul's interest lies in coins, cars and balls. I wonder if he'll grow up to be a banker, a teller, or an accountant. I just hope he's tall enough to play basketball. He loves playing basketball with his cousin.

Do you have your christmas list ready? Already done? Share the news.


LTINS: 7: A Letter to my Kids

Dear Maegan and Paul,

            Sorry to disappoint you, we aren't going to Manila for Chloe's First Birthday. I am still racking my brain on how to renegotiate that one. I am beginning to be a little bit bitter with your grandmother. I just didn't imagine that life will be this way. First, the field trip, now the birthday trip, what more for the graduation trip. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I'm trying to blow steam by blogging. I am just really really major major depressed right now. I am of the mind to threaten my mom that I won't let my daughter attend my cousin's wedding. No occasions for my kids' dad's side of relatives then none for our side as well. Hay talaga.

Blog Review: Make Money Online

                  *This is a blog review entry for Simply the Best Birthday Gift blog contest*

         For a blog with a niche of making money online, I look for organized categories. This blog has it. Just looking at the sidebar tells you in what ways is it possible to make money online. I have developed expectations, trepidation and criteria for blogs that either want to show you how to make money online.
I think the major, major thing that blogs under these niche need would be credibility. They develop credibility by posting every little and big payment they receive from the sites they've joined in to.

          I like the fact that this blog offers a very wide range, not only about pay per click, but even affiliate marketing, articles, and paid post. The site also offers a variety of entertainment posts, blogging contests around the web, and even blogging tips.

          I like it that there's a link to scam sites which you should stay away from. The blog is very much updated to what is happening in the world of pay per click so you know you are getting relevant news. My suggestion is if you would like to earn money online, it is a wise decision to click and become under this blog's referral because of the honesty and straight forward reports about the blogger's affiliations.

          The blog is impressive and influential in its reach. Perfect for the readers who want to know how to go about in making money online. What are you waiting for? Visit Make Money Online today.  

Blog Review: Blog de Manila

*This is a blog review for Simply the Best Birthday Gift Blog Contest*

              I love the tagline. Helping other people blog smartly. With this as a tagline, it comes up on my list of a must read. I think everyone would want to learn how to blog smartly and in doing so, improve their page rankings, get more visitors, more subscribers and at least more interaction with their blog posts. 

              Skimming through some of the articles, they truly deliver on their tagline. The writing is easy to follow and very interesting. If you are a newbie, a pro, or someone who just wants to start a blog then I say the blog is perfect for you.It caters to anyone in whatever niche your blog is in and it truly provides a great insight into this addicting world of blogging.

             Some posts you shouldn't miss would be the 3 tips to make your site google friendly. I'm pretty sure I got your attention now. The site provides a lot of important information for the blogger that we are. The blog design is streamlined and pleasant to the eye. There is absolutely nothing that can stop you from visiting this site. I believe it will be to your advantage if you subscribe to the blog. Go ahead. I know you want to.

Blog Review: Pinay Mom

*This is a blog review for Simply the Best Birthday Gift blog contest*

Pinay Mom redefined would be the Filipina Mom. It is a beautiful site. The header entices you to visit the Philippine Islands I bet. Her topics range from beauty, entertainment, children, celebrities both international and local, and so much more.

The blog is organized beautifully. All you need is to browse the sidebar for the topic of your choice. Whether you want to read about marriage, promos and contests, Children, Charice Pempengco, or anything else, all you have to do is see the labels section or the categories.

From interesting blog hops to interesting write ups it is a blog worth paying attention to. I am in awe because it is the first time I've heard of it, that a Filipina could become a princess in the U.K., if that caught your attention then well, go ahead this blog is truly worth a visit.

I recommend this blog for easy to medium reading and is definitely worth the time with the many and varied topics listed on the blog. The easy going writing style is also a plus factor.

Blog Review: Stay at Home Blessings

*This is a blog review for Simply the Best Birthday Gift blog contest*

      If it's parenting advice, you've come to the right place. Stay at Home Blessings is a blog of a stay at home Mom to 5 kids. Read that? 5 Kids, as in F...I...V...E.. and I can barely manage 2. Oh, how I envy families with lots of kids but just having my 2 hyper children is enough to drive me crazy and even more nuts when all of us gets sick at the same time, which happened to her and yet she manages it well and shares that the secret to vomiting kids is to keep them rehydrated. 

      I have no bad comment since I love her blog template by Gisele Jacquenod. I have been a fan for ages of Gisele. The blog has an impressive page rank - pr 4, which she humbly shares how she got it by joining contests and garnering quality backlinks. 

      The blog is full of important details about raising a child and what more can you ask for, since I think a Mother of 5, is someone you can honestly call an expert in this thing called parenthood and mothering.

      The blog is chock full of information for anyone to enjoy. It isn't for just moms, it is for everyone.

Blog Review: Baul ni Noel

* This is a blog review submitted as a requirement in Simply The Best Birthday Gift Blog Contest*

   It is amazing as to what one discovers as they stumble around the blogosphere and discovering contests. Baul ni Noel is one such amazing find. I guess, I am easily impressed as I love artsy designed headers. Baul when translated would mean a treasure chest. Blog design wise, it is unique, takes good advantage of the Simple layout  but then with the modifications it has become truly personalized.

One thing that distracts me though is maybe he can make the posts longer or add the number of posts published on the first page to compensate with the content of the sidebar. I feel that it's lacking in symmetry as  the scroll time takes a bit longer as you try to see what's on the end of the page.

I love that he is a daddy blogger. I've only seen around 2 to 3 around that I read. I can now add this blog as one of the blogs that are both entertaining, positive and likeable because of the topic - his child and other entertainment things.

An added factor for liking this blog, there are tips for all bloggers out there at his sidebar and this blog is also actively engaged in neobux as shown on the big banner.

Whoever you are, a newbie, a mommy blogger, or a daddy blogger, or any blogger who likes to read personal blogs or blogs with personal interests. This one is for you. Click on that puzzle button at his blog. It is truly puzzling.

LTINS 6: Dear Grandparents

Dear Lola Fe and Lolo Emil,

           Thank you for everything. This letter is to greet you for a Happy Grandparents' Day. I hope we will be able to visit you in the States. I hope that Lola, you can fight your cancer. I hope Lola takes care of himself so he won't need dialysis anymore. I hope that your kids and grandkids are taking care of you there. You should know, that a lot of us here in the Philippines would volunteer to take care of you. I know you feel more secure  about your health there. I do hope that whatever happens either my Mom or I can still visit you guys. I hope you have lovely memories of the Philippines and of us. Thank you for all the little things you send and give us. Your generosity, compassion and thoughtfulness is something we all love about you. My kids send  their hugs. Take care always.

Simply the Best Birthday Gift

What is the best and the most simple birthday gift for a wife on her birthday?

My answer: Have dinner in a restaurant with your child (if you are the type of family who wants to bring your child with you everywhere), or make it just the 2 of you. For a simpler and cheaper alternative but I think is also a great idea, have a family photo taken and have your wife have studio shots to commemorate her birthday. Wait, let me just incorporate my answer into one.

Before going out to dinner in a nice restaurant schedule a photo shoot at a studio and go there. I'm guessing some studios would still be open in Manila. Take photos as a family but make sure you devote at least solo pictures of your wife as we want it to be her day. Then go to Dinner, make sure it is her favorite restaurant where she can order her favorite dishes. 

What's the contest?

XLeon Tips is a great husband (not mine) who wants you to share your ideas about how he should celebrate his wife's birthday or rather what is Simply the Best Birthday Gift for her. Write your ideas. Review his major sponsors and do his requirements and you are on your way to winning these fabulous prizes:
Here are the current prizes (Prize will change as we get more sponsors):

1st Prize (Cash - $25)

  • $20 Paypal + 3000 EC + Ad Space for 2 months + Blog / Site Review - XLEONTIPS 
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3rd Prize (Cash $5) 

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Special Prize for Top EC dropper 

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Special  Prize for Top Referrer 

  • 7 Day Ad Gift Card at Adgitize

Major Sponsors:

    List of other Sponsors:

    To join: Click on the banner above. Contest ends on September 30, 2010

    LTINS : To my Kids Teachers

    To my Kids Teachers:

    Dear Mrs. Centeno,

                 Wow! Thank you for everything you said during cards day. It made our hearts feel glad and worried. It was great to hear news about how our daughter is faring at school. It is great to hear from someone unbiased since I worry a lot about maybe we just think she's great. I guess, I am looking for reassurance that I am doing something right even when sometimes I feel I'm wrong.

    Dear Mrs. Mendoza,
               Thank you for assisting Mrs. Centeno. The lessons my daughter learns in your class are invaluable and highly appreciated. Thank you very much. You take such good care of the kids. Thank you.

    Dear Teacher Ruchel,
               Thank you for giving daily progress reports and I just love that. I love that I know what my kid does in school everyday. Thank you. I appreciate every little thing you say.

    Dear Teacher Roselyn and Teacher Brian ,
             The two of you helps a lot in the physical development of my son that I am just amazed at what he is able to do. He proudly says all the things he does in class whether in gym or in art. He is just so happy and willing to learn and having you for instructors really helps him