Dreaming of a Vacation

When would we ever have the time to go on a vacation? One of the things that's definitely on my list is going on a vacation... with the whole family and I mean the whole family including in-laws and my relatives. I shouldn't forget that my twin(non-biological) and I are also planning a trip to Paris. Paris just looks more beautiful specially when I saw the first episode of the newest season of Gossip Girls. Instead of Serena and Blair, I was imagining that it was my twin and I.
I dream of waking up in hotel Paris.  I am sure it would be fun to try out a bed and breakfast france style. I wonder which channel manager I should use for booking my trip. First thing I'm going to try out in France would be coffee! Yummy coffee. I would also be dreaming of going to museums and thinking of the movie 'Sabrina' as I stroll and discover delis, cafes, art and passion in Paris.
Could it be true that it the most romantic city? What is your most romantic city?
Mine so far is Baguio City, but that's just me and I haven't been anywhere else.

Best Ways to Give Back

If you read my blog regularly, you probably already know that I love to hold contests. It's fun to compete and win things and they are a great way to get feedback about my blogs, their design, and learn new things about marketing.

Since it's the holiday season, I want to place less of an emphasis on winning and more of an emphasis on giving! So let's hear your ideas! What are some of your favorite ways to give back to your community or those in need? Some of mine are:

1) Buy from retailers who care. I'm not a big fan of corporate greed, and I love to support businesses and retailers who give back or donate proceeds. One of my favorites is Toms shoes, which donates a pair of shoes to a child in need with every pair you buy. It lets me be fashionable and charitable at the same time!

2) Donate. Around this time of year you'll see tons of opportunities to donate items. There are donation boxes and drives for everything from coats to food to eyeglasses. It's not hard to pick a few items out of the pantry for a food drive or donate a few dollars to a good cause.

3) Give of your time. Time is one of my most valuable commodities, but I always feel better when I spend my time helping others in need. It doesn't matter how you donate your time, either. Volunteer to watch a neighbor's child for free so she can run errands. Participate in your local church or civic center's charitable events. Send a care package to someone serving in the military.

These are just a few ways I like to give back with my time, and I'm eager to hear your ideas as well!

How to Get Better Sleep

When you hear about health and wellness all over the news and on the television, you hear a lot about diet and exercise. While these are great ways to make sure you maintain a good and healthy self, it's not nearly the only key to being the best you. The more you sleep and the better the quality of sleep is the better off you will be as a person. So if you find now that you are getting less than the best sleep you could be getting, it's time to get back to bed and here are some tips to help you do it right.

The first thing you should do is set a bed time and a wake up time for almost every day. Ideally, it should be a consistent time every night. Don't let your occupation or your life get in the way of your bedtime. Whether you are involved with Seattle property management or just work in the medical field you have to make your sleep a priority.

The next thing you should do is eliminate food and caffeine 4 hours prior to your bed time. A lot of times the foods you eat can make you feel bloated and that can lead you to discomfort while trying to fall asleep. Drinking sodas or sugar products can make you awake and make it harder to sleep soundly through the night.

The next thing is to start falling asleep to something other than the television. You want to be able to sleep well without the TV in the background. Try a ritual of falling asleep after reading or falling asleep after writing a journal entry. You want your brain to be in a relaxed and calm state. These things should help contribute to a good night’s sleep.

Great Insurance Leads to Better Lifestyle

It’s a fact that great insurance will lead you towards a better lifestyle. Though you might not agree right now, look at the long term effects of having a good insurance company covering your back. With kids and little time to take care of everything at home, accidents are more likely to happen and with a good insurance company, you know that you have a good way to keep yourself and your family afloat even at the worst of times.

A good home insurance or auto insurance is similar to any other investment that you stand to gain from. 21st Century Insurance is just one company, among many, who can provide you with the insurance you desire. You need your car for your family and running errands, but if you do not have a proper insurance coverage, you are bound to lose a lot of money when the unthinkable happens. With proper auto insurance, you have the advantage of a tow service in case your only means of travel breaks down and you will same money on a rental car, too.

Invest now and you will surely need it in the future. Often we fear the cost involved when it comes to a damaged vehicle, but if you have good insurance coverage, you won’t need to worry about that. The less you have to worry about the better a lifestyle you stand to lead, and a proper auto insurance coverage that meets your requirement will help with your worries. It only takes a few minutes to call or go online to get the best quote and the decision you make now will affect your future in a positive way. Take the next step and get a quote since you have nothing to lose and most likely you will stand to gain something a lot more reliable.

What I Need

Here's my list for Christmas now and for the future since I don't think I'll generate enough funds to buy these.
Would that be a Christmas Now and Beyond Shopping List?

Well, I am writing it down just so I can't forget it.

What My Kids want:
Ice Cream Swirl , Burger Machine, Cake Maker all by Play Doh ( translation: that's about 2400 pesos without delivery fee and I haven't found it in Ebay yet)

What I want for my Kids:
A printer for all their school project (4-in-1 or 3-in-1 would be nice) but that's just me.

What Hubby wants:
Toywatch (remember my post?), Pants (his are getting tighter, I feed him too much), USB flash drive and if I'm dreaming that I'm rich a new cellphone, I bet he'll love to have those touch screen thingies.

What I want for Hubby:
His own personal computer, so he can download files that he doesn't want me to see. (LOL!)
So we can go online at the same time, and well, I can have this pc as mine.

What I want :
The money to buy all the things they want. Seriously, I am so digging the song "Billionaire"

What we need:  a printer, a dual sim cellphone ( I can go for a Cherry mobile, I just wish it has bluetooth and expandable memory card and I'm good to go, as long as I can put an ebookreader, I'll be happy.)

What about you? Got a Christmas List?

Making Money Through Blogging

If you want to make enough money to buy a prepaid card, then maybe you should consider blogging. There are millions of people that earn money every day through their blogs, and you can be one of them. All it takes is a great idea for a blog and enough motivation to promote your blog.

First, think of a topic for your blog. It's your blog, so you can really write about anything you want. However, you should have a theme for your blog so that people can relate to you. If you jump around all over the place, people might become disinterested and not return. This is also important for ads that are placed on your site. If you have a general niche topic, Google can generate ads based on your topic and then you will be able to make money by people clicking on your ads.

After you think of a topic, start writing. You want to create a good selection of topics for people to look through. This will also enable you to sign up with websites that pay you to post and review their products. If you write about a certain product for one of the companies, they will pay you just by giving your opinion and listing it on your blog.

Google Adsense is another way to make money. By signing up for Google Adsense, you can then place Google-sponsored ads on your website. When people go to your website, they will see ads related to the topics you are writing about. If any of the ads appeal to them, they will click on them and you earn money for every click you get.

By knowing how to market your blog or website, you can make a lot of money. It takes perseverance and determination, but in the end it will all be worth it.

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Lena of Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates is hosting a Big Giveaway!

If you are someone like me, who is desperate to own their very own custom blog template then this giveaway is just for you! Well, good luck in the competition because there are 2000 followers and more who will be given the chance to win their very own custom template and the sweeter deal is, if you don't win, you can still get a big big discount when you order your own custom template!


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Contest ends December 1

Who else needs GPS Tracking?

Seriously, I think I need one two of those gps tracking devices just to keep up with my kids. Whenever we go to the mall or to the grocery, I need to have eyes at the back of my head and firmly hold on to them or else, I am certain they'll be lost. Are your kids like mine? Do they like running around the aisles?  Hiding from you?

My kids like to race around or go to their favorite spot at the mall, an entertainment area for kids with rechargeable cars and a big trampoline. But I fear for them sometimes. I think that if I just lose my focus on them they'll be lost for sure.

When they grow up, I think I'll put gps tracking devices on their cars so I'll know where they are. That may be in development right now in the Philippines. I heard that some vans are now equipped with gps. Will you buy a car with gps tracking? Hmm...perfect for trapping philandering husbands. LOL!

Do You Have SEO Dallas?

Everyone wants to find their name on the top. It just means you are the first one on the list. This is the spot which is where and what all bloggers are vying for. Generally, there are lots of SEO companies everywhere, there is an SEO Dallas, perhaps even where you are now. I'm pretty sure there's one in the next city because they hold blogging conferences there.

An effective SEO company can accomplish what you want. Putting you first, making you first, and make the keywords related to your business point to your site, or your blog. They can make your brand known worldwide  and enhance your site visually and give you suggestions. They can also make you the number one in your field and beat your competitors. 

In this competitive world of business, to stay at the top, you have to use your mind and money wisely. Investing in a professional SEO company may make your business as famous as Bill Gates or Lady Gaga. Taking advantage and using professionals could be your first step to millions. Would you hire professionals?

I Want to Try Spa Dallas

Today I had fun watching my nieces and nephew compete in a cheering competition. It was their intramurals.
I personally witnessed most of the rehearsals of the gradeschool pupils as they poured their hearts out and energy into doing stunts, shaking their body and shouting their cheers.

Personally, I would love to go to a spa dallas. I imagine Manny Pacquiao going into one after that fight with Antonio Margarito just to relax and unwind. I think my nieces and nephew would appreciate a spa treat where they can soak their tired bodies and just relax.

When your muscles are aching, or you are just plain tired from housework, running around and just trying to keep up with 2 toddlers with boundless energy, rejuvenating treatments in a spa sounds like heaven to me. Do you know of any spas where you can find excellent service and the perfect ambience? I may have to put that in my bucket list. Have a real relaxing massage in a spa.

Knowing the Meaning of a Freak Accident

A few days ago, November 19 to be exact, I learned the true meaning of the word freak accident. I think I'm telling this story, embarassing and crazy as it sounds to serve as a lesson to others.

It was around 11 in the morning. The Revo(van) was parked in a slanted manner because our garage goes downhill then flat. Sort of a ramp going down then flat. It was parked in an incline. I offered a ride to my aunt who was going near my son's school so she could save fare. We were ready to leave in about 5 minutes, the driver was going to get the tank of gas(for cooking) he was going to load. I offered my aunt to ride at the back, to wait and I would start the engine so she can have the aircon running. I saw that that the handbrake was up so I had no worries, my aunt got in, and my one foot was in the passenger side and I reached in to turn the ignition while my door was still open and my other foot was outside.

Guess what happened!

The van went roaring backwards. My aunt was screaming inside the van. 2 doors were open. I was flying backwards. My singular thought was TURN IT OFF, TURN THE ENGINE OFF. I don't know how long it lasted. I noticed that we were out the gate which was actually closed so you must know the speed of the van forced the gates open. I noticed that the other vehicles stopped as they were nearing us. I noticed all that as I finally got the engine turned off.

What stopped the van? 2 open doors. The doors were almost torn off their hinges.  Doors were totally bent outward, you couldn't close it. The only injury I got was at my toes, it was as if my toe was sandpapered by gravel as I went flying backward, and a deep muscle bruising at my lower right leg.

Till now, I dread thinking of that simple action I've done so many times and have not caused me harm.
The simple act of turning the ignition key makes my blood run cold. But that was my terror, I gave the driver and my mom, and my aunt who was riding inside even more terror.

What is the Lesson of the Story?  Don't touch a vehicle when you don't know the circumstances. Mine was truly an accident, a freak accident, the van was in reverse because it was parked inclined. I didn't know. I expected the vehicle to not move because of the handbrake.

Check out the doors!

Christmas Gifts for Him

Does anyone else out there have a difficult man to shop for? I know I do! My husband won't give me any suggestions on what he wants for Christmas this year. So, I've decided that I will just try to figure something out for him on my own!

 One idea I had was getting him a toy watch. Now, toy watches have been featured on Oprah's Favorite Things and are all the rage in Hollywood. If you haven't seen them yet, they are fun watches that remind me of some of the styles we had back when I was a kid. They have designs with interchangeable bands, ones that have a soft jelly textured band, some even dripping with diamonds. They are a colorful and whimsical accessory that are just plain fun! I think my hubby will really like something like that this year.

 Another idea I had for my husband gift is an iPad. He mentioned, at one point, that he thought they were really cool. So, maybe I'll splurge and get one for him. The only problem is, trying to hide the transaction! He's always checking our bank statements, so I'll have to come up with a stealthy way to sneak the money out.

 There's always the old standby gifts: things that he actually needs. Ties, shirts, socks, underwear, you name it. He could use a number of things like that. Come to think of it, he really needs a new pair of sneakers. So, I guess I could pick out a pair for him and wrap them up for under the tree.

 I have also thought about getting him something that he really won't like. By doing so, maybe he will try to be a little more forthcoming with his Christmas list next year!

For love of Blankpixels: I pick You!!!

I'm supporting blankPixels' entry to Sulit's Christmas card-making contest. Click here for more details.

(Static version. Click here for the full animated Christmas card.)

Contest Update: Winners Announcement

I counted and verified and I received 59 valid entries from 18 participants. Not a shabby number if I might say so myself.

The Drawing of Winners: 3rd prize first, 2nd prize second and last but not least the Grand Prize Winner.

Impatient to know who won?

Winners: Please check your email, I will be sending you some basic questions regarding how to claim your prizes. Thank you very much.

Favorite Post on: Just Another Pixel

                                           *This is an Entry for Thirty on 30 Blog Contest*

My favorite post on Just Another Pixel is about Christmas and Shopping rolled into one. I find that her post about Christmas Shopping in Divisoria is something I agree with and really miss. The last time I was able to go to Divisoria was when I was planning my wedding since I knew that it is the best place to get fabrics and other bridal stuff. Now, I just bloghop or look at entries and dream.  I love the fact that she shared her great buys and was amazed that she was able to capture photos of her great buys. But I noted that she said, she took photos in places where there were less people and of course much safer to bring out a camera. I love the warehouse, it really looks as if it's hiding a multitude of great finds for the patient person willing to peruse the items.

Christmas is for the kids and I know for a fact that Divisoria really offers a lot, oh I wish we could go to Manila sometime soon. Where do you go for your Christmas shopping? Anyone know a personal shopper that can keep on a budget and buy my Christmas gifts for me in Divisoria? Perhaps, if I ever start earning, I can go back to Manila and go shopping.

Favorite Post on: Certified Foodies

* This is an entry for Thirty on 30 Blog Contest*

My Favorite post on Certified Foodies

There are just a few places to eat here in our city and we have to go to Dagupan City, to get a taste of other food. Well, we only have Jollibee and Mcdonald's here which isn't a lot and a few local restaurants that can suit your palates and appetite. At the next city, DC (Dagupan City), there are 2 big malls that have big restaurants. At the mall, is where we usually do our groceries and mostly after doing the grocery we head on to our favorite food chain... KFC. So my favorite post on Certified Foodies is actually about KFC too. My kids have particular favorites in KFC, we all do. Here's how our ordering would usually go:

Maegan: Funshots and Chicken Macaroni Salad and Iced Tea.
Paul: Funshots with Rice and Iced Tea
Hubby: Will take a WowBurger, or a Fully Loaded Meal depending on appetite.
My Mom: loves Mashed Potato and the Imperial Bowls
Me: Chicken Macaroni Salad and the Famous Bowl plus Diet Pepsi.

That was before I read that entry, when I got to read that entry, the week that we got to visit KFC again, I changed my orders. Blankpixels was right, my daughter and I enjoyed the Barbecue Rods so much, and we took home about 3 sticks for my hubby but I think he only got 1 stick because my daughter was asking more from him. Seriously, that was the effect of that post. Now, I am looking forward to going to KFC trying out Chicken Lime and looking forward to the review about Double Down. Yum.

Contest Closed

Contest is now officially closed. It has been for a while but I have not had the time to go online as to my faulty internet connection has made that impossible. Anyway, still undecided, on how to draw the winners. Will inform everyone of my decision at the soonest time possible and will be checking entries if my internet connection will not fail me. Thank you all for your time and support.

My Favorite Post on Dress Up Your Blogs

*This is an entry for Thirty on 30 Blog Contest*

My Favorite Post on Dress Up Your Blogs

       I am a big fan of blog designers. If you have been reading my blogs for a long time, you know that I'm a sucker for blog makeovers, designers, I even compile my own list of favorite sites that offer both free and paid templates in blogging. Much to my surprise and happiness, I discovered a new designer offering affordable premade templates, well, I am still hoping to win in the various contests I've joined in so I can finally afford that blog template I've been dreaming of. 

       I've been rambling and I haven't even told you what my favorite post is all about. My favorite post is about the tips in creating and designing your blog by the author Grace of Dress up your Blogs. I love that the piece was informative and that it was enumerated. Each tip was explained and expanded nicely to make the reader understand even more. The sweetest part is the author even offered her help in case you didn't understand or encountered any difficulties with regards to her tips. That is both gracious, kind and informative which certainly puts her high in my books. I found out from my experience in inquiring about her services that she is indeed easy to contact and a noted digital scrapbook artist/designer as well.

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Favorite Post on: Fat Girl No More

My Favorite Post on: Fat Girl No More

              Blog Contests are great in helping me discover new blogs worth reading. I found Fat Girl No More as a blog that is truly inspiring. I am a fat girl too, and seeing someone battle the bulge and win is such an inspirational and a motivational blog. My favorite post is when the photos did the talking on how she became Fat Girl No More

              The entry is moving, convincing, motivational and inspiring. I rarely post my photos since I am fat, but having seen what being motivated, inspired and goal-oriented one can be has made me realize that maybe I can do that too for my cousin who is getting married. It is never too late and the blog has shown me that if you have the will power, anything and everything is possible.

              What's your favorite post?

My Favorite Post on Just About Anything

*My Favorite Post on Just About Anything: an entry for Thirty on 30 Blog Contest*

         Kikamz has a lot of blogs but my favorite is Just About Anything, where the topics are indeed Just About Anything! I am a constant visitor to the site and though I have not been very active in her meme nowadays, I still find some time to blog hop and her sites are on my list of must reads. 

         My favorite post among her recent ones is Girl Talk: My All Time Favorite. It is her entry to a meme and in this post she describes her favorite book of all time. I am a booklover myself but still I haven't read this book or any work of this particular author. Her description entices me to read it as she find the book inspiring and quotable. 

         I love having new discoveries and knowing her taste, if she says this book is good, then it really must be good. I can't wait to have my hands on a copy of the book.

Changes in My Life

        There is nothing constant in this life but change and death and well, taxes as Death said in Meet Joe Black. If there is anything in this world that changed my life forever, that is definitely the event that took place when I was 20. At the age of 20, I got diagnosed with diabetes. It was a hard time for me. I thought it would skip a generation. I had the notion that God wouldn't give it to me. I was invincible. My mom called me as someone who was "playing God" and tempted God because I blatantly ate chocolates and drank lots of sodas. I got very thin, the first time I ever weighed 90 lbs. in my life, I experienced both happiness and sadness. It's like getting my dream weight but at the price of my health.

         I had a great doctor who taught me a lot and gave me books. I was in control of my health. Diabetes changed me. It altered the course of my life forever. I was dependent on tablets, had difficulty in looking for food that I could eat. My only consolation was that I had tasted chocolates. I had my fill of food rich in sugar and carbohydrates.  I could imagine the taste of the food that I miss.

         How did it affect the people around me? It didn't affect them much when I was still single and when I got married. My mom and I are both diabetics. The cook has learned to cook our food with less salt, less oil, and no sugar. My husband (then boyfriend)  met me when I wasn't a diabetic and when I became one. He knew the mess he was getting into and the risk that our kids might be one.

         The effect came when I got pregnant. When I had to think of the future of my kids, and the risk that they are exposed to. Genetics is something they can't escape from. The effect for my kids, they may eat sweets but they are very moderated. I want them to know different tastes but we are constantly monitoring what they eat.

        The Change I want to happen: I want to be in better control of my diabetes. I have to control what food I put in my mouth. I tend to forget that I have diabetes and instead of eating 6 small portions of meals a day. I tend to eat at least 3 large portions and even eat at least 2 snacks, which is bad...bad...bad.

        I need to change... so I can see my kids grow up.  What I'm doing about it is being more conscious of what I eat. I drink more water to feel full first so I'll eat less. Fill up on the vegetables first then eat less rice.
Buying more sugar-free snacks and drinks so that my sugar level won't spike. Baby steps until I get my desired HBA1C (3 months average of blood sugar levels) results which should be in the good control so I can see my kids become adults  and have families of their own.



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blankPixels' Thirty on 30 Blog Contest to celebrate her 30th birthday and Just Another Pixel's second anniversary!

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The Importance of Sleep

After 2 days of stormy weather, there is nothing in world that I need more than sleep. Without sleep, I am just a cranky mom whose world is spinning and spinning since I get dizzy without sleep. Sleeping takes so much time from our lives but it is also important that the quality of our sleep is also at its best.

When I miss sleeping, or taking my nap, my body is not as quick to adapt to situations presented to me. I also discovered that the quality of my sleep depends on where I sleep. Sometimes I dream of buying an adjustable bed just to know the difference. I think an adjustable bed would be something truly comfortable. It may even help me in my posture. I'm tired of sleeping on hard floors, my kids and I might fall off from the bed but I do think it's time to make that change. It would certainly reduce the pains I feel from my lower back area.

Actually, the most important aspect of a bed for me is the comfort that a bed can provide. Second to that, if you can provide me with a bed that gives better sleep and better dreams then I am all for buying that bed.

Update: Contest is nearing its Close...

Start writing your entries and get a chance to win. Contest ends on November 15. Sorely tempted to end now but then, hey I promised you the 15th... I'll deliver on the 15th. I'm hoping to do bloghopping and all that to check your entries and their validity.

To all those who joined... Thank you.

To all the sponsors ... a bigger Thank you.

To those who visit... THANK YOU.

Sorry for the disappearance... I get lost reading the comments and the writeups that well, it is obvious you can't please everybody.

Looking for ways to Earn

Once in a while, well, who am I kidding? most of the time, bloggers tend to look for ways to earn online.
Some sites provide these tips for free, others with a fee. Sometimes you stumble onto something great which helps in getting your blog out there, viewed by future advertisers and earning from it. A site that is worth mentioning is one that offers adsense revenue sharing, perfect for those bloggers who post about a lot of stuff or actually enabled their google adsense advertisements in their blog. It is a community where you publish your posts and enables you to gain more exposure and perhaps more clicks to your ads.

Perhaps when you've done all that you can consider investing in belize real estate. It might be a vacation house, a condo unit, a residential home, the options are limitless, and the view is great. I'm drooling, just thinking about going on a vacation or christmas break.

But if you can't go anywhere, relax and have fun at home with pinoy 24 tv. A couch potato like me, this is what I love doing. Keeping up with the shows I've missed or looking for reruns of my favorite old shows, or relaxing and watching gameshows and screaming the answer at the television, that is definitely my style.

Contest Winner Announcement!

Yay! Finally the contest has ended, one headache down, one major major migraine to go!


Here's the video clip of the drawing:

Can't see the video?

Winner is:

Mommy Tots

To claim your prize:  Please send an email to
mjclaguitao at yahoo dot com, and open a godaddy account, send me your username and your preferred available domain.

Thank you and Congratulations

Last Day for the Domain Giveaway!

Yes, It's finally coming to an end and I'm really excited.
I got 15 entries and I will be checking their validity as soon as possible.

I need a valid reason for why you want to own a domain, and I've checked renewals I think is counted (same price) so no problem.

Are you excited?

Have you been religiously coming back?

Hopefully, I will be able to host another giveaway next year.

Hope you liked this opportunity as much as I did.

Thanks for the visit and thanks for joining.