Best Wedding Ever

OMG! I got to attend an out of my league's just so different from what I'm used to. Well, here in the province everything is so formal. So I really felt like a fish out of water. I loved everything about that wedding. My only regret is that there was no dancing. I will gladly admit that it is even better than my own wedding.

I loved their suppliers and the abundance of food. They even had a Starbucks Kiosk set up for those waiting at the reception while everyone else was stuck in traffic. But I am jumping ahead... I should say that the ceremony was beautiful. The officiating priest was Fr. Gerry Orbos. I should not forget the important rings... beside the engagement and wedding ring. Caring, sharing and Persevering. Plus...Chopsticks!!!

Hubby and daughter loved this one. Brought it home from the wedding in Manila to Pangasinan

This is a wedding where I enjoyed both the ceremony and the reception. The bride and groom were laidback. I loved their personal vows.She's a techie and a shoe addict as her vows would imply when she said..."sabay na tayong maglelevel-up" and she will reign in her shoe shopping spree. He was just speechless (almost) when it was his turn. I love their really shone all throughout the event.

I loved the food. I got dizzy with the amount of food served. The caterers were really good, the videographer was also good.  For more info about their's their wedding site that has everything about them.

Loved the dessert...too bad I'm a diabetic. I only finished 1 of the many desserts, a flourless chocolate cake which was divine. Yum!

Summer Time

It's summer and what I've been doing since I have not been blogging that much or at all has been reading. I've read a lot and it has now caused a strain to my eyes. I was diagnosed with astigmatism, I'm a diabetic and yes, I do have my eyes checked by an opthalmologist. My eyesight goes from good to worse depending on my bloodsugar. 

One thing in my life that I dreaded and still do is wearing prescription eyeglasses. I imagine my eyes growing bigger because of the magnification of the lenses. I also find it a drag to look for that perfect pair of glasses that can truly fit my face. But that has come to an end now at this day and age. There's Zenni Optical. Zenni Optical has made it possible for you to see how you would possibly look wearing any pair of eyeglasses that you might want to try. The process is simple, all you have to do is just upload your picture where it says upload. Wait for your picture to load and scroll through your favorite choices of frames and styles.

All the information that is important to you like the measurement of the bridge of your nose, or if you want your glasses to be progressive or bifocal is all there. You can narrow down your search to the perfect pair that will suit you. Go ahead. Have fun. Try on all frames and post it on FB. Make your friends vote for the pair of eyeglasses that best suits you.

Here's mine:

Still not back...but will try to post...

In one of my facebook shout outs... I proclaim my complaint... it is truly summer and vacation time... my internet speed which is already slow has definitely become smaller. To which everyone is time for an upgrade.
Seriously, I may plan on going broadband prepaid soon...question is how fast can it go? or if not, cable internet? I am so tempted by Sky Cable but it hasn't entered our city yet. Only neighboring ones because there is a monopoly here in our little city.

I've gotten tasks which I am praying I can be able to write or at least write sensibly as it is a shame to write and put out something mediocre which most of my posts really are.... who am I kidding???

I have a busy schedule ahead of me and 2 most awaited events will be a wedding of my 1st cousin where my daughter is one of the flower girls. The other one is my godson's 1st birthday and christening which I'd love to attend yet dread simply because most, if not all of the other godparents are lawyers and judges and I am but a mere mortal who is a stay at home mom.So scared.. plus I don't have a dress or a suit??? My gosh! What in the world will I wear? A sack?

2 occasions happened that my family and I love and enjoyed...going to the beach and my niece's graduation. This niece is the one I always called as my eldest daughter... well to show you how much fun here are 2 photos.


My reaction when I returned to visit my blog and looked at the sidebar... I had to pinch myself... knock my head to the wall, shake myself and launched's website just to double check.... Yay!!!!!!!

Finally my blog is pr3.... wow... I'm speechless and it happened when I have been delinquent in that's funny. Really funny.

When was the pr update???? Obviously I am not from this world anymore.

Chromodynamics of ESSC

A very busy February... but I got to watch this. What do you think?

Torn between Blogging and Not Blogging

For all intents and purposes, I miss blogging. But I know that I can't successfully blog until I at least improve my internet connection... so where does that leave me? The network is so congested and my internet is so slow that well... I can't even get blogger to open most of the time, and if it does, it is only by luck or chance.

So, as to not disappoint and just for a while... so long.

I'm on a blogging hiatus indefinitely until I can do this and you can get to read something worth reading. This is not goodbye. I sincerely hope not. I love this blog too much. But if I can do a worthy comeback...I will.


Hi everyone!

How have you been doing? I have been sedentary and lazy in my blogging life. I take that back... I haven't been's my internet connection that has been lousy. I have to start and restart my interest in blogging to earn money for my kids, for my birthday, my mom's birthday and christmas of course.

Do you have any suggestions on the broadband that's both economical and fast? The practical choice???
We're at Digitel DSL right now, but it's too slow and upgrading is expensive. My budget is at least 1000 a month I think or less, if that's possible.

Anyone? or perhaps a program that can tweak my internet connection and make it faster.

Excited about Graduation!!!

No, I am not graduating...nor are my kids. It's just for the second time, we are planning a trip to Baguio and this time, it's about a graduation and my kids will be able to meet their relatives from hubby's side. Currently, I am looking for a place to stay for the 30 or more relatives of hubby who wants to watch the graduation ceremony of my sister-in-law. This is not an easy task but then I stumble upon a site that is easy to navigate and found at least something that can probably help my sister-in-law with their search.

Ayosdito.Ph is a place where both buyers and sellers can converge. I love that there are specified categories, if you are wanting to sell something, if you need to buy something, or if you're searching for something. All I had to was click on Looking for... use the scroll down button for options on what I was looking for and I found it so easily that I am simply amazed and was gaping at the screen. This is such a great help in this time of need as all places in Baguio will be mostly fully booked for the Panagbenga and the PMA graduation. Seriously, all I had to look for and click was that I was looking for an apartment for rent and voila! a lot of options on my screen.

Nothing beats the ease of use of the site, simple navigation, and makes searching easy for a newbie like me. I love the big warning signs that you shouldn't pay in advance to a seller you don't know. It helps in giving a feeling of the site owner's responsibility and that any buyer should be aware of the risks involved.

Here's a glimpse of what I found, which has the information I am going to share to my sisters-in-law.

I'll keep you posted on what happens and will be looking forward to writing about my experience with the renters. I'm really just so excited.

Happy New Year Everyone!

It was a very hectic week for me, it's the first week of classes and well, my daughter had her quarter exams. January is slated to be a very busy month for me and my family. We will be attending a 1st birthday party of a relative, a 50th birthday party of a relative, my mom will have an eye operation on Monday, a family day in my daughter's school, and I am pretty sure my daughter will have her 3rd quarter Card Day soon. Then, there's the grand reunion of the highschool classmates of my mom, which we might attend to. Super busy and hectic. Plus, a visit to UP PGH for an OCT for my Mom, again about her eyes.

What about you? Is your schedule as filled as mine? Mine is not that filled but I am not a party person. Plus, I am trying to look for a way to make my internet connection a bit faster because my blogging is suffering since Google doesn't seem to load specially during the break and up to now. Oh well, I hope you have been sticking around. I am totally going to transfer to WP, if this keeps on. I just hope I can connect to WP too.

Here's a photo of us during the New Year.

Thinking out loud about Scrubs

I wonder if I'd look good in scrubs. My cousins are all in the medical field, most of them, nurses, physical therapists, a medical technologist... I have more interests in the business side of the family. But I truly love how scrubs look right now, it is not as plain as it used to be. Now, there are a lot of fashionable scrubs out there. I even went to the dentists' office and lo and behold! the dentists were wearing dental office scrubs which made me feel relaxed and that is actually a good thing because I don't like going to the dentist.

At the next city, there's a store I'd love to frequent because of the beautiful designs of the doctor scrubs for sale. I just can't resist taking peeks at the designs that can be simple as plain cloth ones to beautifully patterned and of course cartoon character designs that will attract the kids going to the hospital or clinics. I wonder who could be their hospital uniform suppliers. I think it's a great business idea and you can even design statement scrubs, I think that would be just cool. Or a little miss doctor, little miss nurse statement scrubs.

That's just me thinking of putting some fun into the great idea of scrubs. What about you? Got a design in mind?