Hi everyone!

How have you been doing? I have been sedentary and lazy in my blogging life. I take that back... I haven't been lazy...it's my internet connection that has been lousy. I have to start and restart my interest in blogging to earn money for my kids, for my birthday, my mom's birthday and christmas of course.

Do you have any suggestions on the broadband that's both economical and fast? The practical choice???
We're at Digitel DSL right now, but it's too slow and upgrading is expensive. My budget is at least 1000 a month I think or less, if that's possible.

Anyone? or perhaps a program that can tweak my internet connection and make it faster.

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Nel said...

hello, how about switching to pldt dsl or bayantel dsl? you can try a plug in internet usb connection just try to figure out which of the three giant servers has the strongest signal in your area. i'm referring to globe tattoo, smartbro and sun. i hope it helped...

kim said...

hmmm.. that's not good. i am using Smartbro and i'm kind of satisfied with it...

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