TCP: A Filipino Movie

My pick for this week is: In My Life

I got to watch this, I was laughing, crying, relating to the character. Vilma Santos (as the strict librarian just totally reminds me of my mom). My mom is the strict English teacher. 

I could relate to the fears of not living up to expectations. I could relate to being alone. I could relate to bits and parts of the story. The added factor was that the movie was shot in New York and I would love to visit New York because my cousin and one of my favorite aunts is in New York. 

Without further ado, here's the trailer of the movie that made me laugh, cry, relate and a whole lot more.

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LTOK 1: A Letter to my Kids

Dear Maegan and Paul,

                 I am so amazed at your abilities. I love the results of your efforts in school. I am so happy and proud of all that you have accomplished. I am in awe and afraid of what that may bring you. I worry that if you do well, we will exert more pressure on you and let's face it, I don't want you to have that burden. I want you to enjoy going to class but  still be the best. I worry of the pressure that I, your dad, or your grandma may let you experience because of what you've accomplished. I hope I do not make that mistake or that you do enjoy what you do. I hope that your shyness will gradually disappear and that you become sociable. I know you have friends as they certainly wave a lot to you but I worry that you are loved more by highschool teachers than your own peers. Well, that's just my worry. Whatever you're doing in school my dear daughter, keep it up. Know that whatever you do, I will always be proud of you, that's the truth, that's a fact and that's a promise. I love you dear.

                   My playful little man. I am amazed at how you've grown. I love that you try to be a parrot to your sister's ways. I like that you try to talk, you're naturally curious but I worry about your being a crybaby. Nevertheless I always remind myself that indeed you're just a little boy. I forget sometimes. I  drive you crazy, I know. I am sorry. I hope that I can teach you better the way I devote my time to your sister with her studies, but I am only one. I am glad that you have an interest in studying even if I don't expect you to do so. I love your sweetness and your charm. I am sure you will win the hearts of a lot of persons because you offer them a smile and you instantly apologize when you do something wrong. I love you dear.

Maegan and Paul, you are my reason for breathing and fighting diabetes. I love you guys. I will always be proud of you and I hope you grow up to be good people. 

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New Blogs...New Memes

Hi! I am inviting you guys to come and visit my new blogs who are now new homes of other memes.

Mommy and Daddy bloggers are invited to join my meme hosted at my Mommy blog ...

This is also a weekly meme to be written every Wednesday. Please click on the badge and it will take you there. If you like writing letters, this is a meme for you.

Now, for music lovers, here's one for you. I'm pretty curious about your song choices. I have another meme but this time, it's on my new blog and I hope you join. This time, this meme is held on Tuesdays.

Feel free to join. This one was inspired by an old post I made a long, long time ago. I want to do it weekly, but I may still change my mind. What do you think? Would you be interested?

I'm still looking for Sponsors. Please read sticky post above. I have 2 pledges already! Yay! To Niko and Yami, thank you very much. 

So, My question remains:

Anyone interested in ebooks? 
What kind?
Come on, tell me, you'll be the participants anyway so tell me what kind will entice you? My taste runs with vampires, paranormal, suspense, thrillers and John Grisham, James Patterson, Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Deaver, and Agent Pendergast series. You?

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Pagbabago, when translated to English is Change.

One thing that altered and changed the course of my life forever happened when I was 20. It was the end of my 3rd year in college when my mom noticed that something was wrong with me. I was having colds for about a week and I had lost so much weight.  Feeling bothered about it, we went to see a doctor, the doctor suggested that we take the Gold Test at St. Luke's to determine whether or not I am a diabetic.

Diabetes runs in the family, but then, to me, I felt as if it was just something that could or could not happen to me. Either way, I didn't care. I felt invincible. I thought it would skip a generation or something. I thought I was a favored child.

Reality bit me. The results of the test were that yes, I am indeed a diabetic. A diabetic at 20. Imagine, my horror and regret. My dismay and anguish. I felt all that, then told myself that there are things I can not change. I am lucky to have enjoyed sweets and I can just reminisce about the food and their taste. But oh, I just miss eating too much.

I was brought home to the province by my Mom. I studied at a university in the next city to earn my degree so we could monitor my health and eating habits better. Here is where Goldilocks came into my life. The school I was attending to was near a mall. The mall had a Goldilocks branch. Goldilocks was where you could find me during my lunch breaks. I never fail to eat the fresh lumpia (fresh spring roll) or palabok. I even won a Nokia 6230 cellphone during one of their promotions.

Do you know why I like and love Goldilocks?

It is the only bakeshop in our city and the next city that offers Sugar free Food.  

Ensaymada Lite

Sugar Free Chocolate Slice

Sugar free Mamon

Sugar Free Walnut Brownies

With these snacks being available, I can have my sweets and eat it too. Guilt-free! It has become a part of my life, and Goldilocks has helped in keeping me alive and healthy. Goldilocks is the only bakeshop that is here in our city and in the next who caters to those who want to stay healthy and for diabetics like me to have at least a chance to enjoy great food without the hazards of having their blood sugar spike. So really, Thank You Goldilocks for keeping up with the changing times and being part of my life.

LTINS 4: Happy Birthday Dora!

Dear Dora The Explorer,

         Hi! Hello! My kids and I would like to greet you a very Happy Birthday! I thank you for teaching my kids some manners. Thank you for inspiring my kids to become inquisitive and explorers. I love that you encourage their curiousity. I love that you challenge them and ask them questions.  I love the fact that you're bilingual and that my children can speak a few spanish words, for all that Muchas Gracias Dora.

         For giving 10 years of happiness to children all over the world. For being brave, curious, and an explorer. Thank you very much. For asking my kids questions that they think about and answer, thank you.
For being you, and everything that you are, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm betting all mothers, all over the world are grateful for having you in their lives. (Well, those who watch television anyway).

Attention: PR Bloggers, U.S-Based Bloggers

Hi! I had the opportunity to be invited to this site, but sadly I am not able to qualify as most of the products are from the U.S. and they can only send the product samples to U.S. based bloggers. So, if you're interested and you're into product reviews and giveaways, why not try this site. They are currently in beta phase and the offer looks promising.

This isn't a paid post, I was just invited but I could not really participate.

By the way, as mentioned in the sticky post, I am looking for sponsors for a simple giveaway/blogversary celebration.

Goodies I hope to receive as pledges:
Entrecard credits
Adgitize coupons/gc
Blog makeover (but then I'd have to join my own contest)
Cold, hard, digital cash (paypal)
Electronic load (Phil.based???)

Please tell me if you're interested in receiving ebooks or casual games as prizes.
When I say ebooks, I mean those fiction novels you would like to have your hands on. Harry Potter ebooks, Chronicles of Narnia, Meg Cabot, John Grisham - those kind of authors and novels. I'm not much into marketing/seo/google/ebay ebooks.

For Casual games - full versions of Plants vs. Zombies, Wedding Dash 4, Diner Dash - those types.

So what do you think?

Target launch date is on October 10, 2010

TCP: Something New

This is for the benefit of Kaye, host of Girls Talk
Here's my pick for Something New
Well, at least to me, this is new. I've seen it with hubby about a week ago.
   I think the trailer says it all.
Would you watch it?
Have you seen it?
Let's talk about it!
Click on that button above.

My Most Memorable Experience as a Blogger

*This is my official entry for Red's First Blogversary Contest*

In my experience as a blogger, I can proudly say that nothing can ever top the day I won in a blogging contest and I got my first domain.

It was the most amazing experience. This domain which holds all my entries to other contests, some writing opportunities and most of all the meme where I have fun to keep trying to get people to join in to, is the one I won in that contest.

I guess I was lucky in that sense because my blogs were then about a month or a couple of months old and yet I was allowed to join, even more amazing is that I still won. There were loopholes to the contest which allowed me to join even if I was a newbie blogger. Thankfully, going into my 3rd year, this domain is still alive, and I will try my best to keep it alive.

To Calvin, who made the contest happen, thank you.

Having this domain, changed my life forever.

Join Missy Shugah's First Contest

Prizes are:


Philippine based bloggers only.
Blogs which have at least 30 posts or 3 months old.
For more of the mechanics, please visit the contest url
Contest ends on Sept. 5,2010

ENVEEUS.Com is holding her First Contest

Congratulations for visiting my site.
Here, you will learn about a contest like no other and it is a very first of its kind that I will attempt to join into and invite you as well. is hosting her first ever contest! Makes me really envious.

This contest is offered to 2 Types of Bloggers.

Malaysian Bloggers and the rest of the world. I think it's amazing, an offer for local residents (local to the blogger) and international ones. Don't you think so too?

What could entice you to join?

 Malaysian Bloggers
 International Bloggers 

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Third    : USD 10 cash
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Contest ends on September 30, 2010.

For more details, please visit the contest url.

Red's 1st Blogversary Contest

Do you know Red? I met Red the first time at The Biggest Contest in the Blogniverse. I was amazed at her writing speed and skill. She was making reviews left and right and you couldn't believe it but those reviews were quality reviews and weren't done in a rush.

The Sponsors for this Lovely Contest:


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Red's Blogs

Earn Money Online With RedSimple Pero RockMy Red Hot ReviewsThe Adventurous Little PrinceContest & Giveaway Craze

Here are the Prizes

I. Blog post 

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Adori Graphics: Birthday Giveaway

I love those who have realistic vectors or just plain vectors on their headers, that's why my blog template actually looks like this.

Well, stumbling along and checking out my favorite blog designers, lo and behold! A giveaway!

The prize?

A realistic style vector header

Who wouldn't want one?

Come on, admit it. I know you want one.

So just go to this contest post to find out more on how to win that realistic style vector header.

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Just in case you do join, can you please add me as your referral.

It would mean a lot to me. Thanks.

What do I do Now?

Maybe it's my over enthusiasm. Now I have 4 domains. 2 of them has started and another one I got for free. Did you know that when you transfer a domain, you should pay for the transfer fee, and that your authorization codes are some of the things you should know. Plus, you can speed up the process by making sure that your transfer lock is disabled. I learned all of that the hard way.

I won this domain from patiently clicking on the site that was trying to give it away. I tried it last year, but then it didn't work out for me. With its transfer I have renewed its life and now, I have to mold it and turn it into a blog that would bring traffic, joy, and expression of the things that I really like writing about.

I have a question that I hope you guys can answer. What has more worth? A .com domain, a .info, or a .net?
I got 2 .info domains because they are always cheap. I wonder however about renewal costs. A .com domain, well, if you know how to make use of the internet and search capacities, you can turn a $10 fee to around $7.50. For new domains, watch out for sales. I know for a fact that GoDaddy goes on a big sale and sometimes gives away 0.99 cents domain sale for a .com.

Watch out for the launch of my newest blog and hopefully, it will be better and more successful and will make you stay.

Thanks for dropping by.

LTINS 3: Dear Bestfriend

Apology for the late post: Blogger won't open with my browser and I had not made a scheduled post.

The theme for this week is Dear Bestfriend, but if you have more than one, it's your choice. Right?

Here's my letter:

Dear Bestfriend,

            You are many and you know each other. Thank you for being with me from the start. If you know the story of my life then I am pretty sure that you are indeed my bestfriend. If I ever failed you and hurt you, most likely, you are my bestfriend too. If you weren't at my wedding, you're my bestfriend. If you have the same date as my birthday, you are my bestfriend. If I got drunk with you, you're my bestfriend. If you are my hubby's ex, you're my bestfriend. If you are my teacher in Calculus, you're my bestfriend. If you are the father of my children, you're my bestfriend. If you were my dormmate during my freshman year, and other years, you are my bestfriend.

          For all of you, who are in one way or another was part of the most important parts of my life. If I still keep in touch with you, even through the most minute way, a text message, a shout out at fb or fs, a message thru an email, you are now and forever will be, my bestfriend. 

         For all of that. Thank you. I know I am a difficult friend. Specially now that I am less thoughtful and less generous. Sorry and Thank you. If you're still, a few months, a few years now, then you're still my bestfriend.

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Dear Hubby,

                            Happy Birthday from All of Us! I am just betting that all your students are cooking up a surprise for you. I wonder why I'm not invited. Maybe I should all of them in my facebook account. I love you. Don't you ever forget that. You still look like the one I met in college. Don't change. Let's go to Tuguegarao. Happy Birthday.

New Blogs!

Yay! I got 2 new blogs.

1 Blog is my Parenting, Home, Family, Kids' Blog. which looks like this.

Please visit Proud Mommy Mys

The other blog is hopefully a more organized version of this one. Since I can't redo this one because of the opportunities that has come this way. I am hoping that the new blog will be better and more organized for everybody.

Please visit Pieces of Mys

Hope you like what you find. I'm a bit busy as I'm trying to open an online shop again. I badly need funds so I'm doing a restart.

Technorati Claim



In the near future, my aunt and uncle who are based in California would have to consider the word " Retirement". As of now, they are both gainfully employed, but this early they have already been considering going into business. Both my aunt and uncle have a knack for cooking native delicacies like Kare-Kare (ox tail in peanut sauce) and native rice cakes. If they ever set up a Filipino restaurant in California, I'm pretty sure they'll be asking about business insurance to make certain that their business will survive no matter what. I wonder what kind of business insurance policy they'll be getting, perhaps a truly comprehensive one to be prepared for anything and everything. Well, if they don't go into the food business. I know that they'd probably go into real estate.
They currently have 7 homes, as far as I know. For these houses, they availed of California home insurance for all seven of them. My uncle has this knack for looking for great bargains. You should see how he negotiates in ebay. I asked him to bid something for me at ebay and he got it dirt cheap because of his excellent bidding and negotiation skills. He and his wife are multi-talented, I'm pretty sure that whatever business they intend to put up after their retirement or where they spend their retirement packages will certainly turn out to be productive and successful.

What about you? Are you insured?

New GoDaddy Promo Code

Want to own your own domain? Dreaming to have yours... or a domain addict (meaning you buy and sell domains), here'a treat for you. This is for those who love ordering domains. Get 15% off your order of $75 or more.

I got a promo code.

Use source code FBGDHOME15 to get 15% OFF* your order of $75 or more when you order online at or by phone at (480) 505-8821.

This offer expires on August 28,2010.

Show me your PC, Win 1 TB

Oh my! This is a dream contest. I have been wanting this for such a long time. Here's why!

With a 1 tb, I'll never have to delete my files ever again. I can download to my hearts content. Notice that the folders don't even have the os files, the documents, and the games. I forgot to take a photo of the games folder.

Yugatech and WD are inviting you to join: Show me your PC, Win 1 tb.

What are you waiting for? Contest ends on August 17. Go and show the world that you deserve that 1 tb, just like me.

GT: Reel Life with Hubby

My entry for this week's Girls Talk is well, something we just saw together Tuesday night. Even if it was a very blurred version of the movie, I think we had fun watching it. I was laughing and he was liking the action scenes. Merlin is close to our heart because of the tv series so when this one was something we found rummaging the n-in-ones we had and found this movie. We watched it even if the movie was blurred.

So what am I talking about?

We watched Sorcerer's Apprentice. It starred Nicholas Cage and others. I like the plot, hubby loves the effects. How Physics and Magic are what it takes to become sorcerers. Plus, we enjoyed it a lot since it was done by Jerry Bruckheimer. We really like what he does, whether tv series or movies.

LTINS: Write a Letter in Tagalog/Filipino

Minamahal kong mga mambabasa,

Una sa lahat, magandang araw sa inyo. Ikinagagalak ko ang muli ninyong pagsali sa aking nilikhang meme. Salamat at kayo'y muling gumawa ng inyong mga sulat na di natin maipapadala kailanman. Salamat at di pa rin kayo nawawala. Naisipan kong gamitin ang Tagalog sapagkat naalala ko na ngayon ay buwan ng Wika at minsan lang ito mangyayari sa isang taon. Kung kaya ay salamat sa inyong pag-unlak at pagsili, at kung hindi man ay inyong pagbasa at pagbisita sa aking blog. Sana ay nasa mabuti kayong kalagayan at hindi ko na gagawing mahaba ang aking liham dahil di ako magaling magTagalog. Salamat at sumali sana kayo sa susunod na linggo kung kailan ang susunod nating liham ay para sa ating mga pinakamatalik nating mga kaibigan.

Got a Pixel?

There are digital scrapbooking sites and then there are Digital Scrapbooking Sites.
All of you who love digiscrapping surely have a list of stores that you frequent and love. Besides digifree, creative busy hands, lori's freebie list and others. I frequent sites that are stores which actually ask you to pay them. Yes, once in a while, I can not resist a truly great deal. I think I already made a list a long time ago about how to find free stuff in digiscrapping. But then maybe not, so I'll probably do it again a little later.

This is not a paid post. I am just a fan of this site and I just feel a sense of pride since I've read this designer's blog and I just can not wait to share what I discovered.

One of my favorites Digital Scrapbooking Sites has a designer that sounded familiar to me. What's more is that particular designer is going on an anniversary sale right now. So, if you're a friend, a fan, interested in digital scrapbooking, you should head on out to Gotta Pixel right now and avail of the discounts and the sale by the designer Mye de Leon.

Mye de Leon, if I'm not mistaken is also the blogger/author of Blog Appetite and Home and Parenting.

What about you? Got a favorite designer? Scrapbooking site? Watch out for the list that I'm making for digiscrap fanatics like me.

Milk Shopping?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Those of you in the U.S., ever been to Walmart. I'm pretty sure you do. I only hear good things about Walmart. That most of the products they sell are not only useful, but they are also economical and practical as well.

Ever seen these products? I'm sure you have, if you are a frugal, wise and a smart shopper.

Notice anything new about them? Yes, the packaging is different. I think it's more adorable. The bear is something that I just want to bring home and cuddle with. I bet my kids feel the same way. Notice the new logo? Parent's Choice is now inside a heart. Truly a very heartwarming design that will surely entice the buyers to bring it home to their kids.

The labels are easy to read, with age indicators and to specify what type of milk that's in the can. The packaging may be different but it has all the same goodness that was in it before. Same formula, same can size, same big advantage and benefit for your kids who drink milk. You get the same value for the same formula but improved packaging.

I do believe that this product is priced lower than some of those milk out there. Imagine, $11.88 everyday in most Walmart stores. I can tell you for a fact that my kids milk here in the Philippines are more expensive than that.

PBM Products are rich in DHA & ARA to help support brain & eye development. It really gives you the bang for your buck. It is worth the savings, the time, and the money spent for this formula. Your kids will surely grow to be very healthy individuals and smart too.

Visit my sponsor: – Parent’s Choice

Blog Review: Events, Contests and Freebies

This blog review is made for the S&S Birthday Blogversary Contest
Being a discriminating contest hunter, I love contests. There are different kinds of giveaways. I am sure you are well aware of that. There are contests that giveaway domains, entrecard credits, adgitize gift certificates/ discount coupons, scrap kits, accessories, and my favorite blog makeovers.
I almost forgot the one that should be on the top of my list, hard, cold, cash and even gadgets.

So let's start the review:

The Blog is Events, Contests and Freebies. I think the Blog's Title is Self-Explanatory and a very well defined niche which gives it a lot of credibility and credit. As expected, the blog exposes where the events are, what contests are currently running and who's giving away something for free.The writing is well defined and enticing, geared to inform and disseminate the information. Contests are up-to-date and very definitive.

The blog layout or template is nice. I actually favor ipietoon's designs too, he's one of the designers who makes free layouts and does really cute graphics. So, the blog will appeal to both contest hunters and non-contesthunters alike.

I love that the blog is very much connected to social sites like facebook, twitter and others. So if you're a fan of the blog you can easily show your support to the author.

Labels are displayed so you will experience no difficulty in navigating the posts and well, you will be charmed by the blogs on her sidebar.

Needless to say, as a freebie/contest/events hunter, this blog is certainly up my alley and is definitely worth the read. I think you'll definitely agree with me. What are you waiting for? Go read some of the latest entries and see if you want to join any of the contests.

Official Teacher's Link List

I just finished it in the nick of time. I am glad, I got to be included in this massive list and well, let's face it we do need some link love most of the time, if not all the time.


Woman’s elan vital
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On This Side of Town
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Anything Davao
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My Daily Notes
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Caffeinated Muse
Pinay SAHM
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A Woman's Nook
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I Heart Them All
Blogger's Nook
Life's Digital Moments
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A Journey Of Life
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