Blog Review: Events, Contests and Freebies

This blog review is made for the S&S Birthday Blogversary Contest
Being a discriminating contest hunter, I love contests. There are different kinds of giveaways. I am sure you are well aware of that. There are contests that giveaway domains, entrecard credits, adgitize gift certificates/ discount coupons, scrap kits, accessories, and my favorite blog makeovers.
I almost forgot the one that should be on the top of my list, hard, cold, cash and even gadgets.

So let's start the review:

The Blog is Events, Contests and Freebies. I think the Blog's Title is Self-Explanatory and a very well defined niche which gives it a lot of credibility and credit. As expected, the blog exposes where the events are, what contests are currently running and who's giving away something for free.The writing is well defined and enticing, geared to inform and disseminate the information. Contests are up-to-date and very definitive.

The blog layout or template is nice. I actually favor ipietoon's designs too, he's one of the designers who makes free layouts and does really cute graphics. So, the blog will appeal to both contest hunters and non-contesthunters alike.

I love that the blog is very much connected to social sites like facebook, twitter and others. So if you're a fan of the blog you can easily show your support to the author.

Labels are displayed so you will experience no difficulty in navigating the posts and well, you will be charmed by the blogs on her sidebar.

Needless to say, as a freebie/contest/events hunter, this blog is certainly up my alley and is definitely worth the read. I think you'll definitely agree with me. What are you waiting for? Go read some of the latest entries and see if you want to join any of the contests.

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