ENVEEUS.Com is holding her First Contest

Congratulations for visiting my site.
Here, you will learn about a contest like no other and it is a very first of its kind that I will attempt to join into and invite you as well.

Enveeus.com is hosting her first ever contest! Makes me really envious.

This contest is offered to 2 Types of Bloggers.

Malaysian Bloggers and the rest of the world. I think it's amazing, an offer for local residents (local to the blogger) and international ones. Don't you think so too?

What could entice you to join?

 Malaysian Bloggers
 International Bloggers 

First       : RM200 cash
               One written post dedicated for winner.

 Second : RM150 cash
               Winner's link placed at the top of my  
               blog for 15 days.

 Third     : RM80 cash

First      : USD25 cash
              10,000 EC credits

Second : USD15 cash
               5,000 EC credits

Third    : USD 10 cash
              2,500 EC credits

Contest ends on September 30, 2010.

For more details, please visit the contest url.

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