Milk Shopping?

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Those of you in the U.S., ever been to Walmart. I'm pretty sure you do. I only hear good things about Walmart. That most of the products they sell are not only useful, but they are also economical and practical as well.

Ever seen these products? I'm sure you have, if you are a frugal, wise and a smart shopper.

Notice anything new about them? Yes, the packaging is different. I think it's more adorable. The bear is something that I just want to bring home and cuddle with. I bet my kids feel the same way. Notice the new logo? Parent's Choice is now inside a heart. Truly a very heartwarming design that will surely entice the buyers to bring it home to their kids.

The labels are easy to read, with age indicators and to specify what type of milk that's in the can. The packaging may be different but it has all the same goodness that was in it before. Same formula, same can size, same big advantage and benefit for your kids who drink milk. You get the same value for the same formula but improved packaging.

I do believe that this product is priced lower than some of those milk out there. Imagine, $11.88 everyday in most Walmart stores. I can tell you for a fact that my kids milk here in the Philippines are more expensive than that.

PBM Products are rich in DHA & ARA to help support brain & eye development. It really gives you the bang for your buck. It is worth the savings, the time, and the money spent for this formula. Your kids will surely grow to be very healthy individuals and smart too.

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