TCP: A Filipino Movie

My pick for this week is: In My Life

I got to watch this, I was laughing, crying, relating to the character. Vilma Santos (as the strict librarian just totally reminds me of my mom). My mom is the strict English teacher. 

I could relate to the fears of not living up to expectations. I could relate to being alone. I could relate to bits and parts of the story. The added factor was that the movie was shot in New York and I would love to visit New York because my cousin and one of my favorite aunts is in New York. 

Without further ado, here's the trailer of the movie that made me laugh, cry, relate and a whole lot more.

3 thoughts:

Kim_laxa said...

hmm.. haven't watched this but it seems good. nice post!

anne said...

I watched this too, JOHN LLOYD and LUIS really did well on their respective character pero syempre di rin patatalo si VIlma eh stars for all season eh hehehe mine is up and its here thanks

Josie said...

I saw the movie in cable channel and I loved it especially Lloyd's and Vilma's acting and the movie itself.

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