New Blogs...New Memes

Hi! I am inviting you guys to come and visit my new blogs who are now new homes of other memes.

Mommy and Daddy bloggers are invited to join my meme hosted at my Mommy blog ...

This is also a weekly meme to be written every Wednesday. Please click on the badge and it will take you there. If you like writing letters, this is a meme for you.

Now, for music lovers, here's one for you. I'm pretty curious about your song choices. I have another meme but this time, it's on my new blog and I hope you join. This time, this meme is held on Tuesdays.

Feel free to join. This one was inspired by an old post I made a long, long time ago. I want to do it weekly, but I may still change my mind. What do you think? Would you be interested?

I'm still looking for Sponsors. Please read sticky post above. I have 2 pledges already! Yay! To Niko and Yami, thank you very much. 

So, My question remains:

Anyone interested in ebooks? 
What kind?
Come on, tell me, you'll be the participants anyway so tell me what kind will entice you? My taste runs with vampires, paranormal, suspense, thrillers and John Grisham, James Patterson, Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Deaver, and Agent Pendergast series. You?

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redamethyst said...

hello, sis parang mali un link ng badge mo sa letter to our kids

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