The Return of Letters That I'll Never Send

Yep! It's back!

So for anyone who's new here:

What is Letters That I'll Never Send?

Letters That I'll Never Send is a weekly meme (every Thursday) where I, (Mys) your host picks out a topic for the week and you write a letter that corresponds with the topic or the person addressed to. I usually go crazy and tend to do different topics/themes/persons to address to.

Examples of Letters That I'll Never send entries are here, just click the links of Linky tools.

Themes for August

August 5: Write a letter to a Genie with your 3 wishes.
August 12: Write any letter in Tagalog (Filipino)
August 19: Dear Best Friend
August 26: Dear Dora the Explorer (Happy Birthday Dora)

Plus, we got new buttons.

Choose from these designs. Hope you like them.

4 thoughts:

niko said...

count me in Mys! ;)

Mys said...

Thanks Niko.

Mys said...

i've been waiting for the linky to come out for today's meme...

here's my url, just in case... thanks...

Aimée Marie said...

There was no link to the 9/16/10 letter, so I thought I would post it here. It kinda fit for me today.

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