Happy New Year Everyone!

It was a very hectic week for me, it's the first week of classes and well, my daughter had her quarter exams. January is slated to be a very busy month for me and my family. We will be attending a 1st birthday party of a relative, a 50th birthday party of a relative, my mom will have an eye operation on Monday, a family day in my daughter's school, and I am pretty sure my daughter will have her 3rd quarter Card Day soon. Then, there's the grand reunion of the highschool classmates of my mom, which we might attend to. Super busy and hectic. Plus, a visit to UP PGH for an OCT for my Mom, again about her eyes.

What about you? Is your schedule as filled as mine? Mine is not that filled but I am not a party person. Plus, I am trying to look for a way to make my internet connection a bit faster because my blogging is suffering since Google doesn't seem to load specially during the break and up to now. Oh well, I hope you have been sticking around. I am totally going to transfer to WP, if this keeps on. I just hope I can connect to WP too.

Here's a photo of us during the New Year.

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mona said...

Hectic nga sis ng sched mo, me hndi naman masyado anyway happy new year good to see a happy family photo ;)

icedgurl said...

TrEK mY SiTe tO WarM YoUr HeArT!

HaPpY NeW YeAr! CheErS tO EvErYoNe! :]

Mama Mia said...

Whew! I got dizzy after reading your post. You just have so many things on your plate, I don't know how you will be able to manage all that, but I'm pretty sure you will. 'Coz we are super moms, right!? :)

Have a stress-free and prosperous new year to you and yours!

Bingkee said...

Though I'm not a party person either, my sked is filled because I'm a student and a freelance marketing consultant..then being a blogger. If my interpretation is right, I suppose you said Google is affecting your connection....I don't understand ....and because of this you think WP is better? I think the internet connection here in the Phils. is generally slow because of our technology here...it's not about Google or anything. I find every ISP here very unreliable

Gee said...

my schedule was hectic too and for a while i haven't been able to blog hop. Happy new year (belated?) mys.

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