Who else needs GPS Tracking?

Seriously, I think I need one two of those gps tracking devices just to keep up with my kids. Whenever we go to the mall or to the grocery, I need to have eyes at the back of my head and firmly hold on to them or else, I am certain they'll be lost. Are your kids like mine? Do they like running around the aisles?  Hiding from you?

My kids like to race around or go to their favorite spot at the mall, an entertainment area for kids with rechargeable cars and a big trampoline. But I fear for them sometimes. I think that if I just lose my focus on them they'll be lost for sure.

When they grow up, I think I'll put gps tracking devices on their cars so I'll know where they are. That may be in development right now in the Philippines. I heard that some vans are now equipped with gps. Will you buy a car with gps tracking? Hmm...perfect for trapping philandering husbands. LOL!

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