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Once in a while, well, who am I kidding? most of the time, bloggers tend to look for ways to earn online.
Some sites provide these tips for free, others with a fee. Sometimes you stumble onto something great which helps in getting your blog out there, viewed by future advertisers and earning from it. A site that is worth mentioning is one that offers adsense revenue sharing, perfect for those bloggers who post about a lot of stuff or actually enabled their google adsense advertisements in their blog. It is a community where you publish your posts and enables you to gain more exposure and perhaps more clicks to your ads.

Perhaps when you've done all that you can consider investing in belize real estate. It might be a vacation house, a condo unit, a residential home, the options are limitless, and the view is great. I'm drooling, just thinking about going on a vacation or christmas break.

But if you can't go anywhere, relax and have fun at home with pinoy 24 tv. A couch potato like me, this is what I love doing. Keeping up with the shows I've missed or looking for reruns of my favorite old shows, or relaxing and watching gameshows and screaming the answer at the television, that is definitely my style.

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Mel Cole said...

I haven't got good luck in my adsense earning. It's been 3 years now that I'm blogging and still I have an amount not near $10. They will pay you only if it gets to $100.

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