Favorite Post on: Fat Girl No More

My Favorite Post on: Fat Girl No More

              Blog Contests are great in helping me discover new blogs worth reading. I found Fat Girl No More as a blog that is truly inspiring. I am a fat girl too, and seeing someone battle the bulge and win is such an inspirational and a motivational blog. My favorite post is when the photos did the talking on how she became Fat Girl No More

              The entry is moving, convincing, motivational and inspiring. I rarely post my photos since I am fat, but having seen what being motivated, inspired and goal-oriented one can be has made me realize that maybe I can do that too for my cousin who is getting married. It is never too late and the blog has shown me that if you have the will power, anything and everything is possible.

              What's your favorite post?

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Mel Cole said...

I just ran across her blog a while ago too. He got an award for being top 10 influential blogger. What a hard working filipina.

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