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A T T E N T I O N   S P O N S O R S

Monetary sponsors please start sending your pledges to this email address

The above address is my paypal email address.

For entrecard credits: Please send it here: http://entrecard.com/user_details/67878

Thank you very much. You can leave a message thru paypal that it is for your contest sponsorship or leave a message thru the contact form. Thank you very much.

6 thoughts:

nicquee said...

Hi Mys,

I can't read your email address that much. Can you do me a favor and send me an email at frances dot nicole at ymail dot com? Thanks a bunch!

Sunshine Navarro said...

hi mys.

could you let me know if you were able to receive the $15.00 which i transferred to your paypal account? thanks!

myralaguitao said...

Yes, paypal sponsorship received. Thank you

niko said...

hi mys,

i will send the $10 for momworkaholic and plateandme share.

can i add another blog pls? will send you $10 for www.eraslovers.com as sponsor too


niko said...

already sent $20 mys :) thanks much!

bonz said...

hi mys,
already send out the 1500ec credits from www.justlovebloggingit.info.

will be sending the 1000ec credits from www.littlezoiessteps.com soon.

have a nice weekend!

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