Updated Sept.28: Sponsorship Pledges! Thank you Sponsors!

*A P O L O G I E S     E V E R Y O N E*

I am rechecking my email because the form is sent to my gmail account. I missed out on some of the sponsorship pledges because I thought it was only 1 email. Currently rechecking. If you sent an email or comment as a sponsor, please be advised that no offer will be rejected whether it may be ad space or a text link ad. Thank you very much. Again, I am so sorry for the inconvenience it has brought you. I apologize if you may feel that I have snubbed any offer. So sorry.

These wonderful people are the future sponsors of my Blog Contest.

Kaye  - 1 Blogger Package #1 or 1 Wordpress Package #5

Zoan - Cash or Entrecard credits (undecided)

Wenbin - 1000 ec credits from Interpersonal Communication Skills
                1000 ec credits from Free Famous Quotes

Pearl -     1,500 ec credits from http://www.jejeizahfaye.com
               1,000 ec credits from http://homespunfromtheheart.blogspot.com
               1,000 ec credits from http://lifestylemagazineformoms.blogspot.com

Dhadha  - EC credits and adspace 

Verna    - $6 cash for   www.foodandculture.info (Table for Five)
                                    www.pettythingsinlife.net (Petty and Awesome Things in a Teacher's Life)

Eihdra -  1 month ad space on my 2 blogs.

Elai     -  elai's precious angels
              1000 ec and 1month 125x125 ad spot

                elai's haven
             1000 ec and 1 month 125x125 ad spot

Jen     - 2000 ec credits from addicted2cntest.blogspot.com 
            1000 ec credits  from iamjennyholic.blogspot.com

NIcquee - $5 via paypal and 2 ad spaces (125 x 125) for 1 month

Yami - $5 from Pen, paper, pan --- http://www.yamtorrecampo.com

           $5 from Yam's Files ---http://www.yamsfiles.com

Niko -$5  each for www.momworkaholic.com and www.plateandme.com

Eric -   1. 3000 EC +125x125 Ad Sponsor 1 month - Manila Blog - http://www.blogdemanila.com/
           2. 2000 EC +125x125 Ad Sponsor 1 month - World Travel and Vacation -http://worldtravelandvacation.com/
           3. 2000 EC +125x125 Ad Sponsor 1 month - World Travel and Vacation -http://worldtravelandvacation.com/
           4. 2000 EC +125x125 Ad Sponsor 1 month - Kaya Mo Pinoy - http://kayamopinoy.com/
           5. 2000 EC +125x125 Ad Sponsor 1 month - USANA Philippines - http://www.philippineusana.com/

Mizhelle - 2000 ECs from http://mizhelle.blogspot.com
                125x125 1 month ad space from http://upnowandwhatsnext.blogspot.com

Developerholic - 

                 1/ 1-month Text link ad :
                 URL: WP Themes
                 Link: http://finestwpthemes.com

                 2/  1-month Text link ad in:
                 URL: Wordpress Magazine Themes
                 Link: http://wordpressmagazinethemes.net/

                 3/  1-monthText link ad in:
                 URL: Developerholic
                 Link: http://developerholic.com

Bambie -   $10
                2000 EC credits
                1 month 125x125 AD space
                 *all from http://www.bambiesturf.com

                 3000 EC credits
                 1 month 125x125 AD space
                 * all from http://crazy-over-purple.blogspot.com

Bonz -        1500 ec credits from http://www.justlovebloggingit.info
                  1000 ec credits from http://littlezoiessteps.com

                   125x125 ad space for a month from a PR2 blog -- http://pinkstuffgalore.blogspot.com

Pehpot -     sponsoring cash (undisclosed amount)

Chris   -     $5 for The Miscellaneous Me (http://www.themiscme.info)

 Red     -            2000 from http://www.jeromejames.info
                       EC 2000 from http://www.myredhotreviews.info
                       one month ad space
                         http://redcontestcraze.blogspot.com (PR2)
                         http://redamethyst.blogspot.com (PR3)
                        http://www.redismarose.com (PR2)
                    2 months ad space at http://www.foodandappetite.com/

 Pinay Expat            -    $5 
                                125*125 ad for 1 month http://expatpinaybiz.blogspot.com

Mel Cole             - $5 from Hearts Content-http://www.heartscontentofamama.com/
                            $5 Love Home, GrowGarden-http://www.lovehomegrowgarden.info/ and 
                            125*125 ad for 1 month in my http://seasonsandseasonings.blogspot.com/

From me, expect a little cash. I'm looking for work and crossing my fingers to get some opps or win at contests which I will gladly share here.



For the Sponsors: Please notify me of the url and anchor text you want to use. Thank you.

Did I miss anyone? Leave comments here.

Now, I have to review how the masters held their contest... 

Sponsorship pledges will be entertained until the end of the month so I can cook up the contest rules and prizes.

Thank you very much

4 thoughts:

Cedngasngu said...

hello there, grabbed your badge, :)

oh yeah good luck with your contest :)

mizhelle said...

hi sis! u didnt receive my message re sponsorship? i would love to be a part of it sana :)

Pinayexpat said...

Hi I would love to sponsor as well in ur contest if it is open for sponsorship
and 125*125 ad for 1 month http://expatpinaybiz.blogspot.com

I can send via paypal. let me know when and where?TC!

Mel Cole said...

Mys, Have you read my email to you lately? BTW congratulation in winning the 2nd prize of my Blog anniv giveaway. BTW, I would like to sponsor. $5 from Hearts Content-http://www.heartscontentofamama.com/ , $5 Love Home, Grow Garden-http://www.lovehomegrowgarden.info/ and 125*125 ad for 1 month in my http://seasonsandseasonings.blogspot.com/

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