LTINS 6: Dear Grandparents

Dear Lola Fe and Lolo Emil,

           Thank you for everything. This letter is to greet you for a Happy Grandparents' Day. I hope we will be able to visit you in the States. I hope that Lola, you can fight your cancer. I hope Lola takes care of himself so he won't need dialysis anymore. I hope that your kids and grandkids are taking care of you there. You should know, that a lot of us here in the Philippines would volunteer to take care of you. I know you feel more secure  about your health there. I do hope that whatever happens either my Mom or I can still visit you guys. I hope you have lovely memories of the Philippines and of us. Thank you for all the little things you send and give us. Your generosity, compassion and thoughtfulness is something we all love about you. My kids send  their hugs. Take care always.

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Mommy Liz said...

I wish too that your lolo and lola get well soon. It's hard to be away from family especially when this time comes.

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