Mommy Moments: Encounter with Pets or Animals

It was a sunny day after the typhoon Feria. It has been raining every afternoon last week. The same week that my Maegan didn't attend her classes.
They decided to have some fun and they brought out their picnic chairs. Soon enough, we saw a bird who looked weak and hungry. Maegan asked 'Mama' for some bread. She broke the bread to little pieces and we threw it at the bird. It took around 5 minutes for me to realize that this was a photo opportunity for me. So I told the kids to stay with their Mama and I'll go get the camera. Maegan then told me to get their toy binoculars because they were going to do birdwatching. She learned this word from Word Worlds.By the time I got back with the binoculars and the camera, the bird was gone. We tried to look for more hungry birds, when we couldn't find any, we left the bread outside. After an hour, we all ventured out again, but all the bread was gone. Eaten by hungry birds, no doubt about it. Read more Mommy Moments entries!

6 thoughts:

Lynn said...

That was sweet of Maegan to feed the bird.

Tetcha said...

That was a cute photo of your kids with their binoculars. Sayang! Camera-shy ang mga birds!

Enchie said...

What a lovely gesture. You know that they will love pets.

Rossel said...

your kids are so sweet. happy mommy moments!
mine is posted here...

Chris said...

they will definitely love pets at the house! :d

pehpot said...

oh how cute!! my kids learned that word too from Disney Channel naman hehe

naku your kids would love to feed the bunnies, they are not scary, kaso ayoko kase the hair.. di ko carry haha

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