alternative to Mr.Linky!

For ages, I've been looking for the alternative or any alternative to the dreaded Mr. Linky. I think it's finally here!
Introducing MckLinky!
What's more? Beside the fact that it's going to at least put some competition into the monopoly of linking specially for Meme addicts like me, this has an added bonus of holding its very own bloghop contest! The prize is a whooping $100. Truly an incentive right?
What is a MckLinky list?
A MckLinky list allows people to have their link on your blog, and in return, they link back to your blog. Linking makes your blog more popular and gives people a chance to interact with you.
This week's blog hop theme is: MY FAVORITE PHOTO
It's a snapshot of my 2 kiddos. I like the fact that they are both smiling here and this is a rare occurrence since both of them are usually camera shy.
MckLinky Blog Hop

9 thoughts:

Chris said...

hi.. i see you joined in the fun too! :)by the way, i have a new something.. i hope you can join in!

Taking Heart said...

Very sweet!

Courtney said...

Cute photo!

TrendyBrandyKids Blog said...

sooooooooooo cute

a49erfangirl said...

What a great picture of the kiddos :)

silverhartgirl said...

They are so cute.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a sweet picture....I enjoyed reading your blog today.
It is so much fun making new blog friends.
Hope you will stop by for a visit.

Vicky said...

There is an easier alternative to Mcklinky or Mr.Linky.
If you like check it out here

Lynn said...

How cute are your two kids

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