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So, besides blogging, digiscrapping, and having a healthy interest in giveaways and contests around the web. I am now very much interested in earning money online. That bug bit me too!

Right now, I am in the process of setting up 2 other blogs. Oh my! Where will I find the time. I've read around and it's really, actually better if I do start separating my interests. Or at least categorizing them.
This blog will always remain a mixed blog. Hopefully by starting the other blogs which have .info domain names since that one's on sale and is totally cheap at godaddy, and armed with the tutorials from Amanda I can be fairly able to start posting 2 new blogs.

I actually got those domains last February and so such a waste of time with them being idle and sitting around. Instead of becoming productive, traffic generating and hopefully money earners. Or just plain informative.

I won a domain hosting from through a simple blog contest that I joined - so I now have 4 domains. 3 .infos and 1 .com. Not bad, right?

I just finished customizing them by publishing my blogs to those domains.

So far, I think I can only manage 2, but we'll see. The one from is just too pricey for me to continue when the domain renewal comes up.

I am just hoping that like this one, the other 2 blogs I'm planning to set up would be able to fend for themselves and help them earn their own renewal fees.

Have you guessed what my 2 other blogs are going to be about?

Well, the first one which has the title of Just Keep Trying is just that, my efforts in earning money online and/or more blog contests. I wrote an entry to this site, tell me what you think.

The other one, would be purely blog contests since I was lucky enough to secure the domain,

So what do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea? Too time consuming?
I am just hoping I could work it out in between raising 2 rambunctious kids.

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nurseabie said...

Go for it! Good luck mys.Good choice of niche.

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