The Queen's Meme: Mission Impossible

tThe Queen's Meme No. 2 ~ Mission Impossible

The Mission Impossible Meme

Lift off!

1. You are a guest on the space shuttle. You just arrived on the moon and realize you forgot something back home that you can't live without. What is it and how do you convince them to go back and fetch it?
My glucometer. I need it to check my blood sugar. They wouldn't want me to die in outerspace, would they? Unless of course all the meals are sugarfree.

2. Pretend you are a teacher in a rough public school for one day. You have been assigned to teach Manners 101. You have the "challenging bad butt kids" class (remember this is a pretend school and anyway I can't say ass on my blog 'cause it's so unQueenly and I might get fined or something).
They are jumping up and down, cursing, and throwing things at you.
What is the first thing you would write on the board?
I'm lifting the scene from Dangerous Minds with a few revisions of my own. Scratch a nail on the board to make an ear piercing noise.Then write on the board, " I ______ to die."
Ask the class to fill the blank with a verb.  

3. Someone in your family or a friend has started a blog. They think it is anonymous but you have figured it out. They are saying derogatory things about you. Do you tell them or do you read it for awhile?
How would you handle it?
Read and discover what is it about me that is being written about. I'll check if that blog's traffic is better than mine. If it is, then I make another blog of myself with all the derogatory things about me. lol!

4. If you had one dollar left in your pocket, what would you spend it on?
Food! I'm a lazy glutton.

5. President Obama and the First Lady are coming over for dinner. What do you serve?
Chicken and Pork Adobo, Native Rice cakes, and my specialty Carbonara.

6. You walk in on your lover. They are trying on your clothes. What do you do?
Ask where's the costume party? Or is he reminiscing the time when he had to wear girl clothes and dance to spice girls when we were freshmen in college?

7. Every astronaut must have shots! Choose your vaccination: You only get one and you can't enjoy any of the attributes of the other choices. You choose either: (1) The fountain of eternal youth and sexual vigor but only for 10 years (2) perfect health for a lifetime (3) eternal mind-numbing nirvana and peace of mind (4) unlimited hedonism for one year with no negative consequences.
This is a no-brainer for me. Perfect health for a lifetime. Just because. But wait, if I pick number 1, do I die after 10 years? just asking.


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3 thoughts:

Mimi Lenox said...

You are one of the few who had a solid plan to feed the First Family. I'm so jealous of your cooking skills!

Well done (no pun intended)
You are SAFE from the dungeon this week!

Mys said...

yay! no dungeon time for me!

Nessa said...

Love #3, good choice! As for the hubby dancing to spice girls.....Oh my!

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