Blog Tweaking

As always, I went blog tweaking again. I now have a new header. 
From the old header which was this one:
It's  now this lovely header:

And if you haven't noticed, I got a new signature too. Which you can compare with the older one from my old posts.

I am slowly personalizing my template. Slowly and surely.
Also added some navigation buttons so you can easily go back to the home page, which I'm finding hard to do, so I had to add that button. A contact me and an about page just in case you guys are interested. It still needs work but I really am not any good at these.

Just one more thing, in case you're wondering. I picked an ant because I'm a diabetic. Naturally sweet.

To Silver: Thanks for the compliment with regards to the blog header.

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2 thoughts:

Dorothy L said...

Your changes look great :)

nurseabie said...

Beautiful header.It fit with your title Thoughts and Obsession.

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