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Pouts often occur when they don't get what they want. But my kids usually resort to crying. They love to cry their hearts out. Or act as if they want to cry. But my kids have perfected the art of crossing their arms and saying hmp! Smiles or crying faces are easier to capture.

Usually when you say pout, I just think of Angelina Jolie. Then I went to google search as always and found out that there's trout pout. Eew. 
Wanna know what that looks like?
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Wordart from: Elegant Wordart by Bethany 
Assorted papers from freebies i found at digifree
Sorry to the creators.

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Chris said...

:) thanks for joining us ha!

by the way, i love your header, did you do it yourself?

Twinkie said...

Haha! Ang sungeeet! :D

chubskulit said...

Soooo cute heheeh..

thanks for the comment and visit..

following your blog now, sana follow mo din ako hehehe (pllllssss) hahaha nagmamakaawa eh hehehe.. mwah

Evan's Mom said...

They're cute

Clarissa said...

I love seeing kids in different moods coz they still look cute!!^_^

pehpot said...

Haha oo nga Angelina does that without she the one on the trout pout.. sorry mahina ako whe it comes to faces haha

but definitely your kids will take Jolie's pouting image hehe

Thanks for visiting my pouty boys

join ka sa meet up ng mommy and female bloggers ha..

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