3 Things You Didn't Know About Me

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  1.  I went to 2 schools in highschool, Philippine Science High School for my freshman year but only for a month. I wanted to go home, so I went back here and finished highschool in Ednas San Carlos.
  2. I went to 2 schools in college. I was a student at University of the Philippines, but I was diagnosed with diabetes so I went home and didn't finish my course. I spent 3 years in Manila. I finished college in Lyceum-Northwestern University.
  3. I was planning to become a single mom but then I met the man of my dreams at U.P.

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Moms On The Go said...

Happy Hopping!

silverhartgirl said...

aww I am glad you found the man of your dreams.

Evelyn Mayfield said...

Thanks for sharing your 3 things with us.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Just blog hopping and enjoyed reading your blog. I love reading about new blog friends....


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