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Wow! Tomorrow is another day!

Maegan will be going to her class tomorrow. I wonder if they have naptime? If they do, maybe I can order these nap mats preschool, for Maegan if they have nap time or for Paul, since Paul usually takes his naps around 9 am if he wakes up early or 11 when he's in the mood to keep on playing.

I really appreciated the gifts they gave to my daughter on her birthday. One of them was a towel wrap, which was so adorable and in pink too. Maegan loved it so much. She kept saying, I got a towel from Ian. It was so useful that it was really great.

Tomorrow, I plan to do some organizing around the house. Plus, it's laundry day so we'll all be busy.
I keep forgetting that I have to buy a laundry bag. To keep Maegan's dirty clothes, because they change clothes in school. Yes, you read that right. My daughter goes to school in a playwear, usually shirt and jeans, then I pack clothes for her which I prepare every night before going to bed. Then they place her clothes in the bag and change into new ones before going home. I just love it.

But I'm looking forward to this month. They'll be wearing playschool uniforms. I think she'll look cute and adorable. I better start shopping and organizing.

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pehpot said...

ang kul;it ng post mo hehe... MOmmy dito ka ba sa PInas?join ka sa meet up sa Saturday ha :)

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