Questions of the Week

Questions of the Week

This is a blog meme hosted by Yennygirl!

I won her contest before, and even if it's late... if she's going to continue this meme, I'm sure to participate in it again.

1. How have you been? I've been to London and I visited the Queen...wasn't sent to the dungeon though. Oh wait...I'm fine, stuck but fine.

2. What do you wish you knew more about? Digital Scrapbooking and ways to earn money!

3. Is there a luxury item/indulgence that you would like to have, but just could not justify the expense?
    Anything Xyron... the design runner, It's an investment for a business but I'm not that creative, so I can't justify buying it.

4. Is it easier for you to forgive yourself or to forgive others?
    I think, others. I am forgetful so I forget that I'm mad at them.

5. How do you get your daily energy fix? PEPSI MAX! and my KIDS' KISSES!

6. Have you ever found a method of chopping onions without shedding tears? Tell us about it!
    I know the answer to this one, I've read it before. Oh no! I completely forgot. It was either wear glasses I think or put bread through the knife.

7. How many different countries have you visited?
     Hongkong counts as just 1.

8. Did you choose your life or did your life choose you?
      Some parts of my life I chose. Right now, I'm living the life chosen by life for me.

9. How do you prevent hypocrisy?
       Stay grounded and true to myself, and what I stand for, what I believe in.

10. Have you ever loved anyone who didn’t loved you back?

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