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It's July! Most of the malls and the scrapbook community are going on mid-year sale! It's time to pull that Christmas list out of my box. That list is going to be long and I sure hope I can find something nice for each and everyone on that list. This early, I'm pretty sure I'll be concentrating on giving away bags.
For starters, my mom is a bag hag. She has 2 closets full of bags, mostly given to her, some she JUST HAD TO HAVE. My mom just loves bags. I told her that she wouldn't be able to use all of them even if she changed her bag everyday. She needs a bag that isn't a tote, maybe a designer handbag. Well, I love browsing online and I found out that there's a site that gives intelligent suggestions as to narrow down what you may want to buy. It finds everything and anything for sale in the web with just your search query. ShopWiki does it for me. An example of this would be, if I wanted to buy a backpack for my son, I get a buying guide, comparison, where to get more bang for my money, and all the sites that it is sold plus suggestions too. Same goes to buying luggage, whether its for kids, adult, rolling lugages, upright luggages, they do the classification and gives great suggestions.
So let me check.
  • a designer handbag for my mom : to add to her collection
  • a backpack for my son: when he goes to school next year
  • a laptop bag for hubby: for the laptop he wants my cousin to send him
  • a luggage  for maegan: for the field trip next year. 
I've completed my immediate family list. What about you? Have you started? Now, I just have to think of more gift ideas for my hubby's family... and the rest of the relatives. I'm off to ShopWiki again, maybe I'll go look at their gift ideas section. I have 10 in-laws excluding the parent-in-laws. What would be economical and practical?

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