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Resisting contests is futile for me. It is always an added attraction. The thrill of being randomly picked. I just heard that I won a prize from DjTammy's Anything Under The Sun. I got 5000 ec credits.
Speaking of contests and sources for interesting contests.
Daily Blog Contest is hosting a contest!
Daily Blog Contest is a contest blog. Meaning, the blog is about contests around the web, and is now hosting a contest of its own. 
Without further ado, here are the prizes:
First Prize
25,000 Entrecard Credits
20,000 EntreCard credits sponsored by Make Money Blogging with Tycoon Blogger
1,500 credits sponsored by Blogging School
1,500 credits sonsored by EnglishShort Story
1,000 credits sponsored by so far, so good
1,000 credits sponsored by A lonely planet it is not
Featured Link and 3 month link on front page on Blog Directory - Blogfluence.com (pr3 blog directory)
Second Prize
12,000 Entrecard credits
10,000 Entrecard Credits sponsored by Daily Blog Contest
2,000 credits sponsored by Serradinho

Contest ends on August 31, 2009
There are just 2 requirements to enter.
For more information and details: 

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