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I must admit, I am now totally addicted to searching for cliparts, kits, templates, quickpages, and did I say cliparts and illustrations already? I'm finding it therapeutic for me. It's my way of relaxing after a long, hard day of chasing kids around, bellowing at the top of my lungs, and well playing 'horse' and piggy back rides.

I'll just give you a few of my favorites... so far.

Do you see my RSS dolly? She's that one up there. It's me holding Twilight, and a black cat curled near my foot. I think she's adorable. Twilight - because I'm addicted to any and all things vampire, the black cat because that is my favorite animal in the whole wide world, even if we don't have it as a pet. If you find this button on my blog, please click it to subscribe to my blog. She was drawn  by Emila.

Then there's Wendy, who is responsible for my blog header graphic and the graphic above. This clipart is a depiction of my family. Nope, you're not going to find the link here. I want to keep my header as much as I can, but if you say please, well then sure, just holler at me!

I also found a cute site for free cliparts and what do you know the site's name is www.cutecolors.com. I'm thinking of getting one of their multipurpose lists and posting one here. Just to make myself a list of my obsessions. Which I don't think I need reminding of... so that idea is on hold.

There's one more artist that I really like, her works are sometimes dark and melancholic and sometimes happy. I really like the new sets she made. Her works are really Gorjuss! Specially the tubes. I really really like the one she has that is entitled as 'daughters'. I just wish she had an illustration of a daughter and a son with a mom, that would be just perfect!

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment! I love comments!

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Calvin said...

Nice RSS image. :D

I wasn't to leave a comment before because nablock na yung blogger sa office. pero ngayon ok na. dito kasi ako nagchecheck ng google reader ko eh.

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