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Crayola crayons, 24 pack, 2005.

My daughter can say the words "I'm bored." When she does, I start to panic. I take out activity books, crayons, story books, and others, but then she turns to me and says she wants to play with scissors or make something. Lucky for me, I can go online and browse sites that have some activities or ideas that I can do with my daughter. I've become so dependent on the internet. One of the sites that caught my eye, because of the wide expanse of things that they can offer for me and with a very catcy catch phrase. Life Made Easy Videos from Ivillage. Here, I got to see videos and one particular video that caught my eye was the ice cream cake. Yum! It's just a 2 minute video but wow! I didn't know that an ice cream cake could be that easy, healthy and a great activity to do with my kids. I can just imagine all the licking that's going to be happening when we start with the icecream.
Or if I want to do an easy dinner, Top Chef Arian Duarte even shared her topsecret recipe to a very yummy steak sauce, ingredients are so easy to find, just go to your nearest Walmart. All the food items/ingredients that were shown are all available in Walmart. How convenient is that!
Out of gift ideas? Check out their Stuff We Love section. So convenient, with pricing and information as to why that gift is the best for your intended. They also have craft sections and everything else that a busy mom like me needs.You Can See More Life Made Easy Videos Here, like absolutely anything and everything that can make your life a whole lot easier.


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4 thoughts:

Tetcha said...

I was late for this opp. You got it quick and you made a nice post about it. Thanks for dropping by my site.

Mys said...

this is my first opp ever. I hope I did it right. It's still for approval. I sort of asked for a slot 2 days ago. They gave me a chance which was quite nice.

Nessa said...

Great, looks like my diet is shot for the day. That video for the ice cream cake looks way easy. Unfortunately for my bootie..........i happen to like ice cream cake lol. Thanks for sharing :)

silverhartgirl said...

I just now visited. they have a lot of videos.

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