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One of the things I'm trying to learn doing is digital scrapbooking. I am definitely not a professional. I don't have an eye for it. I envy a lot of creative people. Let's just say it's one of my frustrations so hey, I wanna learn. I taught my husband once how to playaround in photoshop and he definitely did things better. Unfortunately for me, he didn't know what he clicked so he could teach me.
Most of my papers, elements and others are from those who give away their work for free. But then, there's just a few that really catches my eye and the obsession kicks in and I buy. Though I try to use every possible advantage given to me, like discount coupon when you sign up or subscribe to their newsletter, etc.
For the first layout here, I got the photomasks for free and I had to google how to use a photomask. I even try to download templates but don't really know how to put the paper on the part of the template that I want. Anybody know a good mentor or a good site that can speak in simpler terms what to click? I don't understand merge layers, and a whole lot of other stuff. I just pray that it fits. Most of the time, I just wing it.
I just love the paper in the second one. This is one of my most recent acquisitions and I can't seem to remember clearly where I got it. I think it's from little dreamer designs by: with love by mushy. I bought it because of the watercolor effect of the paper. I find it so adorable. I'm going to post more pages of my attempts at scrapbooking if you don't mind.

To those who are interested or curious about my header. The image is a stock image that is being sold at a blogsite by an illustrator. Holler at me, if you really want to know the url and want to use it for yourself. I think the illustration is very pretty and well it's better than joining stockphotos, etc. because I can't afford those. (",)

In relation to my addiction to digital scrapbooking, I'm now into cliparts as well. Oh dear! and Oh no!

I found out that you can get to earn money through it too. So as of now, I'm signing up as an affiliate to tons of sites that I like ... well, they're practically related sites since they all share pages sometimes or their ads show up on each others. well, anyways, if you're into clipart, just click on the banner above or the banner below.I'm now an official reseller of clipart.

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Hi Mys. I sent you 5000 EC...thanks for joining the contest :-)

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