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For the first time in ages, my blog ---- Thoughts and Obsessions is fairly receiving comments from other bloggers. It's actually encouraging to me. There are now but a few posts that have no comments on them. I can't help but wonder what is the cause of the change of heart. I noticed of course, that joining blog tags, or memes as they call them has increased comments immensely.

Most bloggers probably know what memes are. I don't even know how it's pronounced. I imagine it being said as that of a goat ' meeeh --meeeeh' or me/me in short syllables. If you're looking for interesting memes, go no further than this site, The Daily Meme - it has the most comprehensive list of memes that you can join into.

Currently, I'm loving Thursday Thunks, Sunday Stealing, Monday Crazy Questions, and of course, Mommy Moments. I'm still thinking whether I should join others like Saturday 9 and Friday Fill-ins. But then the blog would be more about me and nothing else, so I guess not.

I'm going to conduct a comment experiment right now. I'm going to try to use Intense Debate here. Don't get me wrong, I love commentluv but then I'm so tempted to go over there and make a blog just for that. So far, I've seen Disqus and Intense Debate used as the comment platform of choice by some of the other blogs. J-S kit seems to work too. So I'm actually torn.

Well, let's see, if having something besides signing a Mr. Linky will get me more traffic.

I'm debating on how to write my next Mommy moments entry. I don't have a photo of my kids with the pets. Hmmm... I hope I can write it properly.  I don't like missing out on entries.

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