Tina's One Million Thank Yous Giveaway

Dear Reader,

The Blog that is Just Right is celebrating for its millionth viewer. In honor of this big milestone in her tutorial blog, she is hosting a giveaway.

Prizes at stake are the following:

1st prize - $15.00 and 3 months of free advertising!
2nd prize- $10.00 and 2 months of free advertising!
3rd prize- $5.00 and 1 month of free advertising!

For information on how to join, please click on the gift box above.

What are you waiting for?

Draw Dates:
Feb 12: 3rd prize
Feb 19: 2nd prize
Feb 26: 1st prize

3 thoughts:

melandria said...

thank you for joining sis, you have 18 points so far. Do encourage your friends to take part on my contest too.

kikamz said...

i came across this blog, A Blog That Is Just Right through trek pay.. looks like a fun giveaway... will try my luck next week! hihi!

chubskulit said...

goodluck Mys, sana manalo ka... Happy Valentine's day!

I followed your facebook/networked blog nga pala.

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