Babies and Contests Blog Review

To quote what Babies and Contests is all about:

This site is dedicated to all the mothers who love to join their wonderful babies to different contests around the globe.

This site was created to provide various information of different contests over the internet , magazines and newspapers.

The blog lives up to its promise and is now hosting a contest of its own that is open to 0-6 months old babies! The site is filled with photos of babies in the running for Wonderful Baby of the Month! The blog is also a magazine type layout. The blog is for contest hunters like me. It provides tons of information for contests or giveaways open to the Philippines. So if you're a giveaway addict, Babies and Contests is a must-read. You also get valuable information on contests for your kids. If you're the type that loves the exposure for your kids, well, this site is definitely for you. She really knows how to join contests and win, you can read her entry about her winnings here. It's amazing how many times she's won, her exposure in magazines and newspapers astounds me. I'm in the midst of a celebrity! Layout wise is pretty cute, befitting its topic and theme of babies. I just love the photo of her daughter and slideshow of contestants. What more can you ask for? Definitely a must-read blog for all moms like you and me.

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melandria said...

Thanks for the review. It's really beautiful.

Mys said...

You're welcome. It was really a great read. I learned a lot.

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