Stalking Minds: A Review

Stalking Minds said in his about portion that "I’m an individual who was just trying to prove my worth on this planet, taking life as a challege. I love to stalk the minds of people that surrounds me hence I started this blog to share my thoughts about things that I find interesting."

From a variety of personal posts, hmm, cosplay anyone? I'll be going as Sakura the Cardcaptor or be a waterbender like Katara. The blogger showed that he earned some moolah using paypal wishlist, oh I gotta try that. Then delving further into his archives, I discover that he is a proud daddy blogger. Wow! I am totally blown away by Daddy Bloggers. I get the frame of mind of moms, but dads who blog, well, I have to start teaching hubby to blog. Perhaps a math blog? I digress.

Let's talk blog layout. I'd rate it a 5 out of 5 with very neat, masculine, and clean layout. I love that all links to the navigation bar are working. No clutter which is a plus factor for me. There is a related links widget which can help you jump to other posts which may be interesting to you.

Contentwise: A variety of masculine interests like boxing. News alerts on Cebu Pacific Sales which are great for travellers, going home for the holidays, etc. Personal stuff about his kids which made me smile. Some informative and entertaining videos. Opinions about Google Doodles. Contests around the web which are very interesting.  

The blog has anything and everything under the sun that will surely keep your interest. Go on, be a stalker.

2 thoughts:

redamethyst said...

wow, male blogger again. iilan palang ang napupuntahan kong male ang author.

Sherry said...

will be nice to ask your hubby to blog, seen some blogger with their hubby blog as well.

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