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Best Vacation Places
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Dear Reader,

              Wow, Jade has done it again! I get to review a different blog from the Fabulous Diva. This time, it's a travel blog. The blog has a healthy mix of green and white. Green just makes me think of nature, perfect for nature trips or travel blogs. It makes me think of a tropical paradise. If that's the effect on me, just by looking at the header, then what more if I start to read the contents of the blog. I must say that the blog is very neat and not flashy. It fits the vacation places as more emphasis is then focused on the photos and the content.

          The blog's content is a collection of international and local  for me (Philippines) destinations. I particularly enjoyed her description of places to see in Baguio. She enumerated and gave details plus it's a plus factor when she talked about how one could commute from Baguio.

         There are lot of places to go and people to see. So, if you ever want to go on that vacation you so rightfully deserve, check out the places that the Best Vacation Places has reviewed. I guarantee you will have so much fun. From Nevada, to Baguio to places I've never heard of like Yogyakarta. Best Vacation Places is the place to be, to get that information you badly need.

6 thoughts:

rjs mama said...

will check out her site now...

Chris said...

i didnt know Jade was the author of this site... :)

Mys said...

@ Chris, I'm pretty sure you'll learn about it, since the contest is extended and everyone will have the time to do the reviews.

melandria said...

wow, hataw na kung hataw, good luck. Sis, i am extending my contest too until the 15th of march.

take care.

melandria said...

Sis, i have a new site too , i do hope you can visit it and be my follower. Thanks much.

Sherry said...

I love vacation, its fun to go if there is money to spend :D

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