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*This is a blog review for the biggest contest in the blogniverse Kaye & Pehpot's*

My Quality Day at first glance brought me to marshlands. The blog's template is simple and tasteful. Each post is filled with beautiful nature shots that you will just have to be completely amazed. I'm actually in awe of snow, so when I saw photos of snow well, I almost got stuck in the blog and I had to pull myself away to write this review.

Shark maintains a lot of blogs and she does have a lot of things to offer. The blog is starting a series on dogs that she ever had, from when she was little, until now. She also is sharing a sneak peek of a book she's writing. Moose in Boots. In 2 days, the blog is also hosting a contest of its own.

The blog enjoys a very healthy alexa ranking which just goes to show how much interest this blog has generated. I'd love to have an alexa ranking like here, in the 100 thousands. Wow!

The blog shares of how to earn money online by writing posts in other sites or for other sites.
If you're into nature, photos, wildlife, interested in someone who can teach you a thing or two about writing and being successful in that aspect. My Quality Day is a quality blog that you should add in your must-read blog list.

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Sherry said...

seldom see wildlife here unless to zoo. :)

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