Cotton Candy Buzz: Review

Dear Reader,

Cotton Candy Buzz is a 3 column template with the sidebars at left and right. Left sidebar is filled with links to interesting sites, and 5 more blogs the writer owns. The blog is teeming with information and categories labeled correctly, that it's really tempting me to redo my complete labeling system. Right sidebar is dedicated to buttons and other credits.

What do I love about this blog? You get to know a lot about a person by the stories they share, the movies they like, the music they enjoy and the art they prefer. I am really enjoying the country feel of her blog. It just fills me up with warmth. I love her appreciation of the wonders of colors. I also found out that she's looking forward to Alice in Wonderland which I like and truly am looking forward to as well. But she's much more updated than me, since she also blogged about Avril Lavigne as one of the contributors in the official soundtrack of the movie.

The writer is a work-at-home mom to two. She blogs about earning money online, and even watching movies for free.So, with a wide range of topics she writes about and her beautiful mastery of the English language. I assure you that her blog has a lot to offer for anyone who takes the time to read it.
Come on and give her a visit now. Rizza will surely appreciate it. You won't regret it.

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Genejosh said...

her blog makes me grab for some cotton candy...he..he...I love the author's way of writing too ...honest and relatable

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