Happy Thoughts: A Review

What is This?
This a blog review, an entry for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest..
Dear Reader,

                 Who writes about Happy Thoughts? Paula does. I love the header design and layout of the blog. The blog is pretty neat, with categories, entrecard for advertisement and I think she's also the creator of the BC Blogger's  Secret which I'm pretty sure will interest anyone who has a blog and is tired of the exchange link method. The blog has a single column sidebar, but surprisingly so, the sidebar doesn't look cluttered at all. That is a great job in minimizing what you only need to appear in your sidebar.

                  LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT

                   Very much true, life is what you make it and her life as I can see from blog is pretty much fulfilling. She's a work-at-home mom, that's pretty amazing. The luxury of working at home and spending time with your kid/s is something that is both profitable and pleasurable. She gets to become an active participant in her child's rearing. Her husband is a musician and she has a post that takes pride in his work, you can find out and download his music. I'm pretty sure it will get you interested.

                    Entries range from the personal, to the trendy, to moments with her husband and her child.  I am amazed that her boy Z has a car. Oh my, I'd be in big trouble if my kids wanted to buy those. They would want one each because they don't know how to share.     

                   If you're looking for parenting style, fashionable items or just want to widen your horizons. This blog is definitely for you. For sure, you'll be thinking of more Happy Thoughts.

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redamethyst said...

nice review. I haven't finish my yet. good luck sa contest. :D

Sherry said...

yeah his car so pretty, I saw it

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