In My Psyche: A Review

Dear Reader,

               In My Psyche is a personal blog authored by Peppermayo (are those condiments?) whose occupation is a troublemaker. Don't look at me that way, that's what it says at the profile page.  The blog is a very personal blog as the blog title suggests because Psyche means mind and not the Psyche who is a mortal turned immortal because of Cupid ( sorry, remnants of Greek Mythology addiction courtesy of Percy Jackson).

              Right off the bat, with such a fun-filled profile I learned to expect the unexpected. The writer really has a fun way in writing which connects her to her reader. Humor and Seriousness are well-balanced. Opinions are also really thought-provoking is a word that comes to mind. I find myself nodding when I read her post about an entry about Kris Aquino-Yap. What are people thinking nowadays? Putting a like with a thumbsup sign on a status that says she's in the hospital.

           I have no complaints about the blog design/layout. I've been raving about the cutest blog on the block backgrounds since forever. She also participates in some of the funniest and fun-filled memes like Thursday Thunks which I adore too.You've got nothing to lose if you delve yourself in her psyche.

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Sherry said...

hehe.. I visited this blog, the blog design is nice :)

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