Brisbane Australia: Here I Come!

Dear Reader,

If there was one place in the world I wanted to visit because of a friend, it would be Australia. One of my bestfriends in college who is just so sweet, thoughtful and adorable, pretty and smart moved there. Luckily, stumbling upon this site courtesy of the biggest contest in the blogging universe, I found this wonderful travel blog about Brisbane,Australia. If I were to travel in any place, the first thing I'm going to look for would be a hotel. Luckily this blog provides a listing of hotels and locations according to proximity. It also mentions the top 10 hotels in Brisbane, so if I had money to burn, well, I'm sure I'd love to book myself into one of the 10. I'd love to try my hand out at local food places and well, seafood would be a plus+. Of course, if I ever go to Australia, I'd have to try out the tours. Seriously, though, if I can just see a Koala or get to see Hi-5 live, I'll be very happy.
The blog is really worth checking out. I feel as if I'm there when I read through it. From articles of amusement parks, the nightlife (whee!), and yummy coffee... this blog is a must-read for someone planning a trip to Brisbane,Australia. It seriously offers plenty of useful information for the traveller. The site offers what every traveler needs, making Brisbane,Australia one of a must-see places to put on your list.

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ParaJunkee said...

Thanks for sharing hun. I married a Marine who has been everywhere in the world, so every time we travel he wants to go to some place new. Unfortunately he has been to some of the spots I want to go to, including Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.I will look at the blog and drool though. Every time I see an Travel channel feature on AU I want to fly right out...

kikamz said...

want to go to australia one of theses days.. heard lots of good word about it. and this blog is indeed a very helpful one. parang one stop shop na...

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