The Biggest Contest in The Blogging Universe is Extended

Blogging Contest Extended
Now that the end is near, you don't have to curse yourself for sleeping too much instead of commenting on our blogs or doing reviews. You don't have to punish yourself anymore because our contest is EXTENDED! Until when? MARCH 18

Yay! The powers that be have decided to extend the biggest blogging contest ever and now you have more time to join and be part of this epic blogversary contest.

The complete schedule is posted at the beautiful blog of Miss Kaye.  

Now, I can relax a little or push myself to my limits in the reviews and have fun bloghopping and spamming comments. (Mad laughter in background)

I should actually post about a bump I have on my wrist (which I happily report that I can lay blame on the biggest contest but I won't). It was from my pregnancy with my kids but then it hurts even more now that I have done how many reviews now?

I won't bore you anymore. I am just wishing for a contest score update, but alas, they must stick to the schedule and I need to be more patient.

I've got a lot more reviews to do but I'm swinging by my niece and nephew's foundation. They are performing in a play. Gotta go. This is definitely a rushed post.

3 thoughts:

Tetcha said...

This is good news! More bloggers can join the contest. I have an award for you, by the way!

Samantha Ysabelle said...

ang saya ko rin when they said its extended! wheee!! makakarelax na ng konti. -kikamz

thanks po tita mys for the birthday greetings and for leaving me a comment. hugs!

Sherry said...

with contest extension everyone can still win

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