Embrace Life: A Review

* This is a review for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest*

Go nuts over Nuts as she embraces life. I'm a sucker for a healthy description of yourself and I definitely agree that 1200 characters are never enough to describe who you are. Wow, blog layouts of only 2 columns are in nowadays, and green is totally cool in this blog. Nuts in a nutshell would be a personal blog that showcases how a person can embrace life. Appreciation for food, a letter to her kids, and joining blog carnivals/memes are just some of the things you can find in this blog. She's a coucher, a participant in Mommy Moments, Yummy Sunday and a whole lot more. So if you ever run out of ideas on what to write, go ahead and check her blog out and join the memes for the day. There are other posts which are informative as well and stories about her kids so definitely not a boring site. It helps that there's an archive and a categories page, but I think even if she doesn't describe herself, I'd love to associate a face with the name and not a camera (just my penny). But if there's anything that made me really notice. I love the addition in the footer. The part where you can check your google pr just for your curiousity's sake. It's a cool gadget. I go nuts over gadgets like that. So what are you waiting for? Embrace Life.

3 thoughts:

melandria said...

wow, grabe na talaga sis, dami ka ng reviews, he he he, mukhang napagiiwanan na talaga ako.

melandria said...

ang sipag, sipag mo talaga.nauubusan ako ng sasabihin, he he he. pero msasay din gumawa ng reviews at least you get to learn about that person.

nuts said...

(applause) i wish i could make a review too, you're right, you gained a lot in review not just winning the contest but to know more about bloggers in the universe.. i'm a follower of your blog and love all your post. alrights; it's review of my blog! sometimes, it takes another blogger to see what i don't see in my own blog. thanks for the review.

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