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*This is a blog review intended for submission as an entry to Kaye & Pehpot's Biggest Blogversary Contest in the Blogging Universe*

At Home Here is a blog that speaks of home, house and everything in between. Everything in between consists of pretty much everything, from Organizing, Laundry, Celebrations, anything and everything that is an issue tackled by a mom in or about her house and home. What I love about the blog is the Organizing portion. For most of my life, I am a clutterer and a hoarder. In my dreams, I often dream of turning OC and becoming organized. I loved it when she talked about how she tackled boxes of clutter. The blog is full of tips and suggestions, I definitely agree that a nebulizer is a must-have, honestly, I have one too. Among the useful things on the blog is about packing and storage. I bet Pehpot would be happy if Ikea comes to the Philippines with all their storage solutions. I love the blog's cute favicon of a home. The blog layout is nice and clean. White backgrounds always makes the blog neater in my eyes. So, if you want to do your laundry the easy way, looking for products that you should stock in your home. Look no further, since I felt at home there, you will feel that way too at At Home Here.

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melandria said...

hi sis, got a tag for you,

please dont forget to post your entry in my contest at the contest form, so i can track it.

kikamz said...

pehpot's home is full of very useful gadgets... pag meron ka ba namang 4 kids, you's really need a nebulizer.. you never know who'll get sick. i should get one too considering hubby if asthmathic.. hehe!

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