The Mommy Journey: A Review

Dear Reader,

If there ever was a blog that has a stellar career even if it's just a little more than a year old, it would be none other than The Mommy Journey. Ma'am Carlota surely made a great job about this blog's template. I simply love the hearts and the pink theme. I love that the blog has 2 sidebars, and that the blogger is introduced properly. Most mommy bloggers are very familiar to this blog for the simple fact that this blog is the host of the very popular Mommy Moments meme. Were you able to join last week's languages of love? So if you're a mom, this is a blog which you should visit and a meme which you shouldn't miss.

Chris of Mommy Journey also participates in a lot of other memes. She maintains 2 blogs, The Mommy Journey and Inspirational Insights. She's a very prolific writer, in a year alone she was able to write 631 entries, surely you can drop by everyday and there will be something new in her blog.

Do you know what I love about her blog? I look forward to the activities she does with her kids. I wish I were that devoted. My favorite part when I get to her blog is Art Day. It takes devotion and truly quality time to sit down with your kids and do something that your child enjoys. An amazing mom with an equally amazing family. Surely, you'll go on to her blog and read all that she has to offer.

* This is a blog review and entry for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary contest*

2 thoughts:

kikamz said...

agree mys.. stellar indeed. andami na kayang readers ni chris in just a short span of time. i always enjoy her meme, Mommy Moments.

great review by the way. ayan, ang galing mo na mag review. hihi!

Chris said...

thanks for your review on my site! i appreciate it... :) hugs...

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