300th Post: Should I or Shouldn't I?

Dear Reader,

               My question is with regards to finishing the reviews. Oh well, I'm getting sidetracked by my impulsive desire to start retweaking my blog. The contest is actually getting extended. Would it make up for it though if instead of just reviewing the blogs, I start commenting on those blogs instead? Like 10 quality comments per blog? But where in the world will I find quality comments. Usually, when I read posts, I rarely leave comments unless I'm compelled to. Or the post really said something that touched a chord. 

The blogs I have yet to review are the following:

Fab Momma
Mara's Personal Bubble
Mara's Appetite
The Pinay Blogger @ Home
Diva Fabulosa
Best vacation Places
Momma Wannabee
Advising Writers
United World Poets
A Mom's Life and Loves
Happy Thoughts
Niko's Blog
Lover's Mushroom

Do I have 3600 or more words in me? 

As I write this, other things are flooding my mind.
I'm writing it down now, in case I forget.

Beginning March, Letters That I'll Never Send will be hosted by a different blog. (I'm still contemplating on this one but maybe)

Hopefully, I get to find the time and the inspiration to write the other reviews just to be fair, since there are at least 2 bloggers there who visit my blog and I'd love to give them a positive review as thanks for visitng my site.

4 thoughts:

kikamz said...

Buti ka nga mys at 18 na lang ang kelangan mong ireview. ako, around 24 pa! whaaa!! kaya mo yan. tapusin mo na lang muna.. you still have march to retweak your blog. hehe!

Chris said...

go Mys.... finish all the reviews! you've gone so far!

Princess Sarah said...

Hello Mys, di ko alam na ni review mo ang blogs ko, sana naka visit man lang ako, salamat - I'll check it out.

His Unfailing Love

Sherry said...

wow sis you have list them down, hehe. still have time review. yeah comment, its getting tough so many participants. :D

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