Mommy Moments: With Friends

I promised myself that I'll never miss a Mommy Moments ever again. To my detriment, the topic is something which is, not really something I can participate into. My kids don't have friends they can call theirs. There's an acquaintance who drops by when there's an occasion but that's about it. Their friends as of the moment are their cousins.

Maybe things will change since my eldest is now going to go to a toddler school. Where I hope she'll learn to become a little friendly and maybe I can start cleaning the closet while she's in school and I hope that Paul will be napping while she's in school. Maegan usually starts out shy, but she likes her future Teacher so I hope she answers when she's asked. 

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2 thoughts:

Chris said...

im sure she will meet new friends! :D thanks for joining!

Tetcha said...

I hope your daughter will enjoy school, and I'm positive she'll love the company of kids her age just like my son who recently finished his five-week summer class last May.

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