Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to everyone I know who is a father or wants to be a father.
I discovered this site from Calvin, Calvin, advance happy father's day, I hope you and your wife have kids planned.
My fathers of note:
A shout out goes to Kuya Bobot, Kuya Edward, Kuya Richard, Kuya Edmund, Kuya Alvin, Kuya Greg, Kuya Arvin, Kuya Boy, Papa Lito, Papa Romy, Daddy Jaime, and Sir Roldan, and Sir Richard.
To all the Dad Bloggers, and all dads - this day is to celebrate you, being fathers, the one who guides the kids all about girls. Kidding. The rock that the moms depend on.

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Calvin said...

hahaha thanks! happy father's day din sa husband mo :) hehe cute nung napili mong e-card :P

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